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4 principles for use in building websites

Design that Communicates

When you’re building a website you need to realize that you are trying to communicate important data about your business to the people visiting your site.

That means you need to have the important data right up front on your Home page (the first page they land on) and guide them to the information they are looking for.

There are 4 main points of information that need to be shown right away on your website. These are:

Type of Customers you Service

Laying out the types of customers you service or specialize in will help to ensure people know whether or not they would be a good fit for your company right away. This saves you time handling unqualified prospects.

Service or Products you Offer

Showing them the services and products directly on the Home page also saves time. If they are looking for something that you provide, they can click right on it. If they are looking for something you don’t do, they will be able to see it and look elsewhere, not call you up and ask about things that you aren’t really offering.

Problems you Solve

Showing them that you understand the problems they are faced with helps build confidence and prompt them to consider you seriously as a provider of whatever product or service you are providing.

Why Choose your Company

The importance of giving them a compelling value proposition as to why they should be doing business with you is pretty clear. If someone is doing research on different companies trying to decide who to go with or who to recommend to their management, giving them a compelling reason to use you instead of your competition is a great thing to do right away on the site.

After you list a brief description of all of these things on your homepage, you can then link these sections to full pages on your website giving more details on each point.

If you combine this type of website with buttons or forms to prompt them to contact you with any questions or to get a call scheduled, you’ll have a website that should start contributing a lot more to your marketing and sales efforts!