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Here’s How To Integrate Custom Web Page Design Into Your Overall Brand

Your custom web page design needs consistency. Your customers expect to have the same brand experience across social media channels, advertising, retail stores, and your website.

Presenting a consistent brand experience can increase your revenue by 23%. That’s why you want to make sure your custom web site matches your other marketing channels.

Read on to find out how you can create brand consistency on your website.

What is Your Brand?

The best way to describe your brand is as if it’s a promise you make to your customers. It’s not the product or service you sell. It’s the emotional result that people will get from your product or service.

That emotional result is the connection that people have with your company that creates customer loyalty for years to come. Take Nike, for example, they don’t sell footwear or activewear. They sell dreams to everyday athletes.

Brand Cohesion on Your Website

When you define what your brand is, your next step is going to make it consistent in your website design.

Color Palette

Does your brand have a color scheme? You’ll have colors in your logo, but are they consistent throughout your website?

You can ensure a consistent look by incorporating your logo colors throughout your site. Color consistency can increase your brand’s recognition by 80%.

If your print materials utilize a lot of whitespace along with your logo colors, you can achieve the same look on your web site. Keep your home page simple by having one medium sized image on your home page surrounded by whitespace. You can also add accent colors to the footer to create brand consistency.


Image consistency is a big part of the brand experience. People process images much faster than text. What that means for brand consistency is that if someone visits your website from a social media post, they’ll notice the color and images first.

If they see that it’s a different experience, they’ll think that they went to the wrong site or was redirected and click back.

For example, if you have an Instagram account, do you use the same filters on all of your images? You can use similar filters on images of your website.

That level of brand consistency will validate the user’s click to your website. They’ll see the same experience and stay on your site longer.

Customer Service

For brands who emphasize customer service, you can incorporate a customer service experience on your website.

For example, you can add a live chat option to your custom web page design. When customers visit your site, they can their questions answered immediately, creating a complete customer experience.

Custom Web Page Design Consistency

Your site’s custom web page design has to deliver consistency. Your customers expect to have the same experience no matter where they interact with your brand. Delivering consistency will result in loyal customers and more revenue.

Are you ready to incorporate a consistent brand experience on your website? Find out more about our custom site design services.

Here’s Why Hiring A Website Designer Is Better Than A Website Builder

You know you need a website. In fact, the importance of one is the difference between rising and declining sales. Having a site with an online shop can provide sales 24/7.

The only thing is, you don’t know what route to take. You’ve seen reviews and commercials of website builders, thinking it’ll be easy to create one yourself.

But do you really have the time for that? To build a great website takes time. Time you can’t afford to give up as a business owner.

To save time and receive a beautifully designed site lies in hiring a website designer. These creative masterminds understand how to make websites visually appealing and engaging so you can gain more leads.

Still not convinced? Keep reading to learn why you should forgo website builders!

Responsive Design

In the digital age we’re living in now, it’s hard to find someone without a smartphone or a tablet. That said, a website designer knows exactly how to create a responsive website.

This kind of design makes your website accessible on any screen, big or small. It compacts all features and aspects so users don’t notice a difference.

Faster Site

Imagine you used a website builder. Everything is running smoothly until one day you notice your site isn’t loading as fast as it used to.

What’s the issue?

You spend hours trying to solve it on your own. You called the provider and spent another couple of hours communicating between multiple customer service and technical support agents.

Now, imagine you hired a website designer. They gave you a gorgeous website and years later, it’s never slowed down once.

That’s because they know what makes a website fast. They’ll set you up with the tools for success that’ll last you for the long run.

Saves Time

As a business owner, you have plenty of other things to worry about. After all, your business can’t run itself while you step away to make a website!

Instead of spending days of learning how to use a website builder, hiring a designer takes away all that pressure. They take care of designing and developing so you don’t have to do anything.

You just tell them what you’re looking for and they work their magic.

Website Designers Take Care of SEO

Let’s be real here—who has the time to educate themselves about on-page SEO? It’s something that just can’t be mastered overnight.

Instead of trying to learn this frustrating and complex technique, a web designer takes care of it for you. They’ll make sure your site is relevant and current with search engines’ algorithms. Before you know it, you’ll be high ranking on Google in no time!

Get Your Custom Website Today

Why spend your time with a website builder when you can hire a website designer? They’ll save you time and money down the long run, giving you a gorgeous website that’s optimized fully.

Ready to get your custom website today? Get a free quote today!

Here Are Different Kinds Of Web Design SEO Services And How To Pick The Right Ones For You

The SEO industry is expected to reach nearly $80 billion in 2020. It’s clear business owners are investing in SEO services.

As a business owner yourself, you want to put some money behind SEO efforts. Your question is about which SEO services are worth investing in.

You have no shortage of options, whether you want to focus on local SEO or organic SEO, on-page or off-page services. One area you should concentrate on is web design SEO services. Your website is the centerpiece of all your SEO efforts, after all.

In this short guide, we’ll take a look at some of the different types. We’ll also share some tips for picking the right services for your business.

On-Page Web Design SEO Services Look at Visible Elements on Your Page

This is likely one of the most familiar types of website SEO services out there. On-page SEO focuses on visible elements on each page of your website. Familiar elements include:

  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Headers
  • Content

When you’re looking at web design, you want to be sure you can customize each of these elements to support SEO. It’s one of the best reasons to use a custom design for your website.

Good web design will also help you optimize the display of these elements. Beautiful headers help organize your page and make it more attractive to the eye at the same time.

Technical SEO is Built into Good Web Design

Another of the types of SEO services you’re likely to run across is the technical SEO service. This service looks at the back-end elements of your website. These include:

  • The efficiency of your code
  • Your website’s speed
  • The security features you’re using
  • How mobile friendly and responsive your site is

These factors can have a significant impact on your SEO efforts. What’s more, is that web design SEO services take them into account too.

Good design works to make your code more efficient. At the same time, it considers your website’s performance on mobile devices. Both of these factors can contribute to speed.

An SEO Audit Prepares You for Better SEO

Before you overhaul your website to put an SEO strategy in place, you might want to conduct an SEO audit.

An audit takes stock of your site as it exists currently. A team of SEO professionals will create an inventory of the site, mapping it out. They’ll then make recommendations about how you can improve what you’re doing.

They’ll also look at your pages, assessing them for things like loading speed.

The audit is a great first step toward creating an SEO strategy for your business.

Deciding on SEO Services for Your Business

Now that you know what some of your options, you’re probably wondering how you can choose.

If you’re starting to map out a new SEO strategy, the audit is a good step, as we said. If you’re not using a custom design, you may want to look at the technical aspects of your website. If you’re happy with your current design, optimizing on-page SEO might be the right choice.

If you’re still not sure what web design SEO services are right for you, get in touch with us. We can help you assess your needs and make the right selection for your business.

Top 5 Mistakes You Could Be Making With Your Custom Made Website

Below are five common mistakes you could be making with your custom made website.

1. Your Content Highly Outweighs Design

Everyone knows quality content is a huge part of running a successful website. Although putting your full focus on content while forgetting design can kill your numbers. A great design is what can draw someone in long enough to read your content.

When deciding on a custom site design, turn to inspiration around you. This can include anything from interior design trends to your favorite coffee shop. Take the different aspects, colors, and line work to put on your own site. 

2. You Put No Focus on Content

Maybe you’re experiencing the opposite problem from the first point. Have you put so much emphasis on design that you put zero energy into your content?

The design draws the eye in, but content keeps the viewer coming back for more. Quality content sparks interest and encourages conversation. To spice up your content, learn more about photography, video editing, or conducting interviews for articles. 

3. There’s No Consistency or Cohesion

Don’t worry, you may be at this point of the list and sweating. Custom made websites are still dominating the game. However, make sure your stellar website is complete with cohesion and consistency. 

While it can be good to cover a variety of topics, there’s a way to do it without seeming unsure and scatter-brained. Decide on a few common thread themes to place throughout your blog and stick to them. 

As far as posting, make sure to upload content on a regular schedule. If you don’t, people might stop checking in. 

4. You’re Not Allowing Feedback

One of the scariest parts about creating something is the inevitable criticism. However, criticism can be healthy for constant improvement. 

If you’re not allowing people to contact you or make comments, you could be making a huge mistake. Feedback not only allows you to correct mistakes, but it also creates a community in readers.

Reply to comments and create a blog email people can reach out if they feel the need. You can even start chatting with visitors by installing live chat features. 

5. You Aren’t Sharing Social Media

Believe it or not, people want to keep up with you outside of your blog posts. They want to keep up with your Instagram, Twitter, and whatever else.

Share your social media links to give behind-the-scenes looks into your life. People enjoy seeing the more vulnerable side of a person. 

Mistakes You’re Making with Your Custom Made Website 

These five common mistakes are things you’re probably making with your custom made website. Make sure you review them and then go fix them to start bumping up your numbers!

Constant improvement is what keeps us moving from better to best. Mistakes are just part of the journey. 

If you want more website tips or need marketing and design services, make sure to check out the rest of our site now. 

How to Choose the Best Online Lead Generation Services

Did you know 80 percent of businesses survive their first year?

Considering online lead generation services but not sure if it’s worth it or not? Not to worry! We’ll cover how to choose a service provider and go over how they help your company generate leads.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out!

Online Lead Generation Services

Attracting new users to your site takes a lot of effort and time. It ebbs and flows, depending on general brand awareness and consumer demand. Sales teams turn to lead generation companies to expand their customer base.

Some companies state they have the most up to date information. There are many benefits to hiring a lead generation business. But let’s look at how you can tell if a provider produces quality leads. 

How Do Lead Generation Companies Find Customers?

These companies have plenty of ways to find new prospects. 

For example, content syndication involves emailing informative industry content to known contacts. Interactions with that person may reveal interest. Companies may follow up with sales calls or further information.

Telemarketing’s another way companies gauge interest in a particular product. They call contacts and verify information or to offer content syndication.

Some use computer programs to find new prospects or old contacts in public records.

Email or phone calls work for lead generation company providers. They look through existing contacts and make lists of leads. Internal sales teams can call these contacts with a high chance of success.

Do They Have Experience in Your Industry?

Ask the company you’re interested in if they have experience in your industry. If you’re in a niche space, find a company whose familiar with this area.

But, don’t choose a good lead generation company over a fantastic one even if they have experience in your niche. Principles on generating leads are the same across industries.

Ask Them How They Get Leads

When you sit down with a company, ask them how they get their leads. If they have telemarketers calling random people, this isn’t the best tactic. If they have a comprehensive content marketing strategy, you’ll attract potential customers.

Are You the Only One Receiving the Leads?

Make sure you ask if the lead generation company sends out leads to many companies or only yours.

If they aren’t exclusive, you’ll have to compete for them. Don’t buy leads unless you have a skilled sales team who can handle the competition.

Lead generation companies providing exclusive leads tend to charge more. If you follow up with those leads, the larger price’s worth it.

Set Clear Expectations

Some lead generation companies resell leads. They buy them from other providers and sell them to you. You may pay more per lead but could run into the risk of unethical sourced leads. Get a service-level agreement with your provider.

Contact Us Today

We hope this article on online lead generation services helped you. Remember to ask them how they generate their leads and if they’re exclusive.

Want to learn more? Contact us today! We would love to chat with you.

Top 5 Benefits of Creating Customized Websites

Your company is your world. Naturally, you’re proud of it, and you want your potential customers to see its value, too. But is your website causing you more harm than good?

Research shows that 38% of people will quit using a website if they view the layout as unattractive. And if your website is not user-friendly, this will only make matters worse.

If you’ve been relying on a website template up to this point, now may be a smart time to make a change to using a customized website. Here’s a rundown on the top five benefits of creating customized websites in 2019.

Let’s get started!

1. Unique Website

When you use a site builder, you’re usually provided with a specific theme with which to work.

This theme will let you put various elements on your website pages in styles that are pre-set. So, even though you might feel like your site is unique, you’re actually restricted to your theme’s limitations.

The result? Your website will look like hundreds or maybe thousands of sites on the World Wide Web.

A custom site, on the other hand, doesn’t have a theme. Instead, your website’s architecture is developed to your business’s specifications.

As a result, you’ll have a unique website that will stand out from the competition.

2. Secure Website

When you use a website-building platform that already exists, this opens your site up to various vulnerabilities. However, if you use a company to build a custom website for you, you eliminate this security issue.

Part of the reason for this is that the company will use a proprietary source code that the public can’t access. This decreases your risk of experiencing a breach long term.

3. Functional Website

The great thing about creating a custom website is that you can optimize it for your company with ease.

For instance, you can build functions that will help your company processes. In addition, you can create the type of customer journey that will suit your company and customers. This means fewer visitor drop-offs and, in turn, a greater chance that your visitors will convert to customers.

The process of optimizing your website is often more expensive and complicated with an open-source content management system versus a custom website creator. 

4. Speedy Website

The problem with content management systems is that they come with a large amount of functionality built in. While this may sound like a good thing, the reality is that you may not necessarily need it all.

The more functionality your platform has, the more complex your website may be to navigate. In addition, your website may take longer to load. And this is a big issue considering that research shows that nearly half of visitors will abandon websites that don’t load in three seconds or less.

Custom website building enables you to avoid functionality you don’t need and thus avoid these problems.

5. Scalable and Flexible Website

Another major problem with using a template for your website is that your website won’t be very flexible or scalable.

However, when you custom build your website, the company you hire can create your website with a focus on scalability. In other words, your website will be able to grow with your company. Plus, the site will be more flexible to use since you won’t have to deal with functionality you don’t need.

How We Can Help with Customized Websites

We offer top custom Web design services with the goal of helping your company to generate more sales this year.

We’ll start by working to understand your business’s goals when it comes to marketing and sales. Then, we’ll start building your website and finalize it only once you’re happy with it. It’s that simple.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how customized websites can benefit your bottom line in 2019.

Construct Your Website: The Top Construction Website Design Tips

You can build a building. You can build a house. It’s frustrating to build so many things but get stuck when it comes to building your construction website.

You know people use the Internet and examine websites when choosing construction companies for jobs, but either your site doesn’t look great or you don’t have one at all. Don’t let construction jobs fall to the wayside because of a lackluster website.

It’s a digital world, so it’s time to get with the times because your competition is. Why not you?

Look at other construction websites for ideas and use these design tips to create a website that gets jobs and makes your company look good. 

Get a Mobile Friendly Construction Website

Even if you had a website created a few years ago, it was likely designed around a desktop framework. Before the arrival of powerful smartphones, people used desktops computers and laptops to view the Internet. Those days are gone.

Websites with small fonts and a non-responsive design not only are nightmares for smartphones, but Google also won’t rank you well. Smartphone searches outpace desktop, so having a site that looks good on a mobile device is standard.

If your site isn’t mobile friendly, then look into getting a responsive design that automatically adjusts the site based on the size of the viewing screen.

Local SEO Can Make or Break a Business

If you serve a region such as a city, county, or even larger, people in that area need to know. Your website should be optimized for local search engine optimization. You should have a Google Maps link on your Contact Us page.

Your address should be prominent with the city and zip code listed. The site should have schema markup that gives Google search bots context about where you are and what areas you serve.

Don’t be afraid to have pages designed around major cities that you serve with content directed to them. Google takes all of this in when determining if your website rank.

Create a Design That Fits Your Business

Your website theme design should reflect your business. Most buildings have clean lines and are orderly, and so should your website. Don’t get caught up in being flashy and unique. Customers want to know about you and your business.

Your website should reflect that. If you specialize in building crazy buildings with unique designs and floorplans, don’t be afraid to let that show in your overall design.

Showcase the examples of your work with professional pictures. Don’t use stock photos because people want to see what you’ve done.

Focus on User Experience

When a potential customer visits your site, they want to go where they need to go. If your navigation is difficult to muddle through with hard to find pages, misleading pages, etc., they’ll give up and move on to the competition.

User experience could mean the difference between an interested client and an annoyed one. Make sure you have clean and clear navigation, like pages that are designed to easily use and plenty of information.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Your construction website is the cornerstone of your online presence. It’s what leads customers down the sales funnel and gives them an eye-opening look at your business. If you want to learn more about construction website design, then explore our website.

Financial Website Design: The Top 10 Tips You Need to Know

Financial websites come under more scrutiny than those of other industries. Many of them are regulated by government agencies in what they can and can’t say. Even those that aren’t subject to government oversight are examined closely by every visitor.

Before a prospect will part with their money or trust your site to deliver sound financial advice, you have to prove yourself in several different ways. Your financial website design and content are going to carry a much heavier load than the average site. 

Here are ten tips to make sure your site will pass muster and help build your credibility

1. Load Fast

No matter what sort of website you operate today, it has to load fast, and it has to be responsive. The average visitor will only wait three seconds for a site to load before moving on.

2. Be Responsive

Chances are high also that the majority of your visitors are looking at your site on a mobile device. That means a responsive design that adjusts to the size of the device’s screen is also a must. 

3. Reflect Your Audience

In both design and content, your site must be instantly recognizable to your target customer. If you are speaking to Corporate Executives about estate planning, your site should speak to them in their language—literally. 

4. Use Effective Imagery

Just as important as the words on your site, the images you choose to use say a lot about your authority and credibility. Yes, your visitors will recognize a stock photo as such. 

5. Publish Authoritative Content

Content that educates your audience and speaks to their needs will also make you look more credible. Many financial institutions look and sound alike. The articles you publish on your site and blog give you a chance to stand out and put yourself on your ideal client’s side.

6. Use Infographics

Consider using charts, graphs, and infographics on your site. These help to visually grab a visitor’s attention. They also give you a chance to present complex information simply. 

7. Segment Your Content

Consider dividing up the content on your site by the life stage it represents. You can demonstrate you care for your customer’s financial needs throughout their life, from buying their first car to buying a retirement home—and improve your search visibility online when you do so.

8. Use Testimonials

User-generated content is another way you can set yourself apart from your competitors. That photo of a satisfied customer standing with his family in front of their new home with his testimonial about your help is very valuable. 

9. Use Location Finders

Make it easy for prospective clients to find you and do business with you. Include a location finder page that states your hours of operation and contact information for each location.

10. Integrate with Social Media

Your place in the online community is quickly merging with your “real-world” community. You become a real entity to the search engines as well when you can be found in more than one place online. 

Your Financial Website Design

The common thread in all these tips is to make your website as unique as your business. A cookie-cutter web template with the same mission statement as a half dozen other financial sites will cause visitors to leave your site as quickly as they arrive. 

Customizing your website doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. You can go online to get a free consultation with our experienced web-design firm to find out exactly what you can do to make your financial website design work its hardest for you.

The Top 3 Benefits of Custom Made Websites

Anyone who’s trying to sell you WordPress will tell you that 27% of the Internet is currently powered by WordPress (about 75 million websites in all). 

Here’s the problem: if 75 million websites are using WordPress, that means there are 75 million websites in the world that will look a lot like yours. 

You don’t want to blend in. You want to beat out the competition. And you certainly can’t do that with a cookie cutter website. 

Here are three reasons why custom made websites will set you apart (and boost your business in the meantime!)

1. As Unique as Your Brand

If you have a website that looks like everyone else, people will think your business is just like everyone else. You know that’s not true, but how do you show it? 

With a website that’s just as unique as your business, obviously. 

If you’re an enterprising business owner, you know that brand development is about more than a logo and a catchy slogan. Your brand needs meat. It needs style. It needs substance.

A form website builder might give you the illusion of uniqueness by letting you play around with the details. But a custom website doesn’t have any of those restrictions–it’s built to your specifications, down to the first line of code. 

And that means that no one will have a website just like yours. 

2. Search-Engine Friendly

Of course, that uniqueness doesn’t just make your creative heart happy. A custom website keeps search engines happy, too.

A free website from a form builder is designed to give you a more-or-less functional website, not a site that search engines will like. You can work in SEO, sure, but it’s all on a surface level. 

Then, there are custom websites. A web designer and SEO specialist can work together to implement deep technical SEO right into the fabric of your website, which means your site is literally designed to scale the SERPs more easily. 

Also, a custom design makes it easier to work in front-end SEO, which keeps Google happy and the customers rolling in. 

3. Scalability and Flexibility to Stay Current

Finally, a custom-built website allows you the scalability and flexibility to stay current on new changes in your business and your industry. 

As a business owner, you know that your business has to grow naturally. A custom made website can be a pivotal component of that growth–if you play your cards right and get a website that can grow with you. 

Custom websites offer a level of scalability and flexibility that’s impossible to find in a website builder, as a web designer can make modifications to your website based on your specifications that allow you to handle more business every day. 

Ready to Make the Most of Custom Made Websites?

With all these advantages to custom made websites, the real question is: why don’t you have a custom website yet? 

If you’re scratching your head and uncertain why you don’t have the best site for your business yet, we can help clear things up for you. 

We’ve completed over 4,000 projects and offer comprehensive services to over 1,500 clients each month. So when we say we know web design, we mean business. 

Because when you want your business to succeed, you won’t settle for anything less than the best. 

Ready to find out how we can help? Click here to get in touch today. 

Top 4 Custom Web Designing Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

Is your company website ready for 2019, or is it looking pretty outdated as of late?

2018’s web design trends emphasized mobile compatibility more than anything. Personalized typography and asymmetrical and vibrant website layouts were huge as well.

We’ll continue to see these trends hold merit in the new year. But which web design features and ideas will really put your company on the map this year?

Custom web designing is all the rage in 2019. Your clients not only want to access your website from their mobile devices, but they also want to engage with a website that’s special and unique in comparison to the competition.

So, which website design ideas should you implement in 2019? Here are the top four.

1. New and Improved Logos

It can be hard to part ways from the logo your company has carried for years. But if your company logo feels stale and, quite frankly, old, 2019 is the year for a new and improved look.

Need more convincing? Some of the most famous brands in history have undergone drastic logo changes. When looking at what their logos used to look like, you have to ask yourself if they’d be as recognizable as they are now.

Your logo is the all-encompassing identity of your company. Let your customers now you’re better and stronger than ever with a better logo than ever before.

2. Video Content Is King

You’ve been hearing it for years: content is king. But now, traditional forms of content have taken the backseat.

Consumers want to obtain information through interactive, fun-to-watch videos. So, if you haven’t already started creating video content for your website, now is the time to get on board.

You should continue to deliver the finest written content on your web pages and company blog. After all, your customers will stay on your pages longer if they enjoy what they read. This will translate into better SEO results.

But you should be creating video content that’s informative and true to your brand. Your video content should keep your customers wanting to come back for more.

3. Larger-Than-Life Animation

Not only do consumers want to watch more videos that are relevant to what they’re searching for, but they also want to engage with websites that are visually stimulating.

How many times have you purchased something because you liked the packaging? Sure, you found some use out of the product itself. But its presentation is what sold you and made you choose it over the other options.

This same logic applies to your website. Animations can whet the appetite of your customers and peak their interests. After all, we as consumers love visuals.

But you’ll find 3-D animation to be one of the more prominent website design trends this year. You don’t even have to go fully 3-dimensional, either. Animations with deep and colorful contrasts can also give life to your website.

4. Brutalism Takes Over

Minimalist websites have dominated in the last couple of years. But now, the Internet is brimming with clean, white, and minimal websites.

Yet, brutalist website layouts have been making their way onto the scene. And now, they’re the breath of fresh air we’ve all needed from the redundancy of minimalism.

In 2019, be brutal (so to speak.) Brutalism is a style that conveys both modernity and non-conformity. It’s not something that can work for all brands, but it might be perfect for yours.

2019 Is the Year of Custom Web Designing

2019 is the year of breaking out of the box when it comes to web design. Make your website turn heads and create lasting impressions for the rest of the year. With these four website design ideas, you’ll be able to do exactly that.

To learn more about how custom web designing can benefit your company, contact us today.

Skip These 5 Form Design Mistakes with a Custom Website Design

If customer data is such big business, why do companies sacrifice one of their biggest assets? Unfortunately, they don’t understand the risks of using pre-made forms in their digital strategy. 

Custom website design allows companies to continually collect the information they need. With custom forms, you can predict client needs, ramp up sales, retain customers, and drive your overall strategy. 

Pre-made forms are a risk you can’t afford. Here are a few of the mistakes you will avoid with a custom solution: 

1. Getting Stuck In The (Paper) Past 

If you have a form for your business that you’ve been using to collect information for the past 20 years it’s time to start again. Placing a paper design first and then trying to conform to web design is a mistake. 

You won’t just sacrifice valuable integration possibilities. You will also be reverse engineering an outdated data collection system.

Start over. Think of the medium of your web design first and then customize around the needs of your customers. 

2. Placing The Business First 

If you are only talking about being a customer-centric company it may be reflected in your web page form design. A pre-made form asks your customers to conform to a convention that wasn’t designed specifically for your business or their needs. 

You can customize a pre-made form all you like but don’t underestimate your customers. They know when they aren’t being placed first. 

A customer-centric form will anticipate their needs, questions, concerns, and ease.  

3. Not Responsive Across All Platforms

Your custom website absolutely needs to be responsive. The same is true for any forms you are planning to use in your design.

While a premade form may look great across all platforms the question is deeper than that. How easy is it for your form to be completed across platforms?

Remember, without custom website design you may be losing leads and providing poor service to your clients. 

4. Poor Integration 

Your website form needs to do more than collect information. In order to be effective for your digital strategy, every part of your website design has to be integrated.

Integration is a balancing act. You can’t sacrifice the function of a form for your lead generation, for example. 

But a custom approach will be greater than the sum of the parts. 

5. Going Overboard

A common mistake companies make when using a pre-made form is using all of the bells and whistles. They believe that using elaborate fonts, drop-down menus, and other tools will make their forms customized. 

No amount of adjusting the particulars will make a pre-made form into a custom data collection tool. And that amount of tinkering often backfires. 

Auto-advancement, strange fonts, sliced data sets, and other form aspects can serve to make their input more difficult. 

Make sure you make the form easy to use for your customers and highly beneficial to your business. 

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5 of Our Favorite “About Us” Pages from Custom Websites

When designing a website, most website owners have a vision of their site.

They imagine a responsive website with an interactive homepage with UX-driven product pages and the best content you can ever imagine. But many website owners fail to use the best design on one page – the “about us” page.

What do you think is the perfect “about us” page? Is it a heroic account of your business history, turmoils and successes? Or is it just a basic contact form?

Here’s the thing – these are the two most common types of “about us” pages.

Why not go a little outside of the box? Here are the 5 most innovative “about us” pages from some of the most successful custom websites and companies.

1. Eight Hour Day

One of the goals of the “about us” page is to gain trust. That’s what the illustrators from Eight Hour Day did with their page.

Nathan and Katie introduce themselves as creative people first before describing their business. They’re humanizing their brand, which helps potential customers get a sense of the business owners and know they’re supporting true artists.

2. Yellow Left Hammocks

Another way to create a unique “About Us” page is to pinpoint what makes your company worthwhile. That’s what Yellow Leaf Hammocks did.

You don’t often look at a hammock and think there’s an amazing story behind it.

But Yellow Leaf Hammocks prove their hammocks are handmade and they help weavers from all over the world make a living by designing hammocks, stating they take social issues very seriously.

3. Apptopia

Are you in a very niche industry? If so, your customers may not understand complex jargon from your industry. The same goes for app design; how many of us can read intricate coding language and understand app development terms?

Apptopia created an “About Us” page that takes the complexity out of the app creation process while proving they produce incredible work.

4. Kero One

Hip hop is at its peak right now. But rappers and DJs need to find a way to stand out.

Kero One is a California hip hop artist and DJ. He found a way to create a unique “About Me” page by translating his story into multiple languages, including his native Japanese.

5. Cultivated Wit

Some people have a quirky personality aspect that comes out in their business.

With Cultivated Wit, that aspect is their sense of humor. The owners embrace comedy so heavily, their company takes technology and makes it, well, funny.

Their “About Us” page makes this statement loud and clear with a cleverly written page.

Have Any Ideas for “About Us” Pages for Custom Websites?

From hip hop artists to illustrators, any business can create an amazing “About Us” page on custom websites.

You’ll be surprised how much of an impact your “About Us” page has. Your customers want to learn more about you, so wow them with an amazing “About Us” page!

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Facebook’s Credibility Problem: Should You Still Keep It in Your Premium SEO Plan?

Facebook boasts almost 1.5 billion daily active users. They have over 2 billion active monthly users.  

With Facebook’s credibility problems, leaving Facebook out of your premium SEO plan may be tempting. But is it a good idea?

In a word, no. 

Facebook should be part of your premium SEO plan. Read on and we’ll tell you why. 

What’s a Premium SEO Plan?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. A premium SEO plan is one that optimizes your website for visibility in online searches. This is done through the use of keywords, content, and other website elements. 

By analyzing your website traffic, you can make changes that get your website to the top of a search. Many people only look at the first search engine return page. That’s where you want your site!

If your website is at the top of the search results, you’ll get more clients. 

Facebook is only one part of a premium SEO plan, but it’s an important part. 

Lead Generation

Those billions of Facebook users add up to a great place to find leads. As a lead generator, Facebook works well. If you don’t have a Facebook business page, it’s time to get one.

Post to your page at least once a day. Put relevant content about your business that users can relate to. As you get your message out on Facebook, you’ll get more followers. 

Those followers are all leads! You can also search Facebook for local leads based on demographics. 


Establishing your company as an authority in your niche is paramount. How do you do this? By giving free valuable content to users. 

Do you run a photography business? Give your followers small helpful hints for their own photographs. Your followers appreciate the valuable information. And when they need a professional, they’ll think of you. 

Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising means the people who most want your product or service are the folks who’ll see your ad. One of Facebook’s credibility issues is privacy and how they’ve used personal data. 

Facebook gathers tons of personal information about its users. Most people continue using the platform anyway. It scares some people, but this data can help you. 

You can design ads targeted to people who match the demographics of your customers. These won’t only be people who know about your business. Lots of new potential clients will see the ads. 

You can target your current followers for special sales or product giveaways. Facebook is a gold mine of potential followers and clients. 

Facebook is most known for images and text. But their video platform is huge and may soon rival that of YouTube. Don’t be afraid to post short videos about your business. Make them personal and fun. 

Keep Facebook in Your Premium SEO Strategy

Facebook is essential for any premium SEO strategy. With over 1.5 billion daily users, you can’t ignore Facebook. 

Facebook is a great lead generator, and you can reach out to followers for a personal touch. Establish your authority through relevant and valuable content. 

Once you’ve established yourself, target your ads to the right demographics for your business. 

No business should be without a presence on Facebook. Despite the problems, Facebook’s not going anywhere soon. You shouldn’t either! Use Facebook in your strategy. 

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A Custom Web Designer Shares Their Secret to Perfect On-Page SEO

Did you know there are around 40,000 search queries made through Google every second? That’s a lot of chances for your website to be discovered if it’s properly optimized.

There’s a lot more that goes into SEO than picking a great keyword for your post.

If you’re not taking the time to work behind the scenes to make sure your on-page SEO is on point, then you’re going to have a hard time ranking with Google.

Keep reading to get a custom web designer’s inside opinion on what you should be doing for your website’s on-page SEO.

Check All Your Tags

The first part of on-page SEO you want to check is your tags. There are three types of tags we’re going to focus on, and each one is important in its own way.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are only found in the code of the page and are designed specifically to let Google know what’s on the page.

H1 and H2 Tags

H1 is heading one, H2 is heading two, and so on. When you have text tagged as H1 or H2, this text is what search engines look at first to determine what the page is about.

Image Tags

This is another type of tag that only exists in the code of the page but bears just as much importance as the others. Image tags tell Google what the image is about which can help it view your page as more relevant.

Know Where to Include Keywords

Where you place your keywords is something else that matters to on-page SEO.

Here are a few places you should include them:

  • First 100 words of content
  • URL of the post
  • Meta tags
  • H1 tags or the title of the post
  • H2 tags
  • Image tags

Remember that you don’t need to have the exact same keyword in everything. In fact, using a variety of keywords can help you rank for more of them.

Other Things to Watch For

Here are a few more things that you should watch for when working on your on-page SEO.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Google now penalizes websites that aren’t mobile friendly. Since over half of searches are now done from mobile devices, this makes sense. So, make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Page Loading Times

If your webpage isn’t responsive, visitors won’t stay long. You’re not only losing leads that way, but you’re also dropping in the search rankings.

Inbound and Outbound Links

The last thing you can do to help your on-page SEO is to use inbound and outbound links.

Inbound links point to other pages on your site which encourages people to stay longer while outbound links show Google what other content is relevant to yours.

Want More Insights from a Custom Web Designer?

Now you’ve got a few things you can use to improve your on-page SEO and help your website soar in the search results. Although they may seem small, these improvements can have a huge impact on your ranking.

If you want more insights from a custom web designer, be sure to check out more of our blog. There, you can find tons of articles and information on everything you need to run your online business, including this article about local SEO.

5 Reasons to Get Chatting: Why Customized Websites Need Live Chat and Custom Communication Options

$62 billion.

That’s the number of money companies lose annually because of poor customer service.

If you aren’t focused on making your customer service department better, you’ll be responsible for losing revenue. Customer satisfaction is what keeps people buying from you.

Investing in resources to improve customer service is in everybody’s best interest. Customers will be happy and you won’t be losing out on money.

One place to invest is with live chat. All customized websites can benefit from this software.

Curious to know why?

Check out our reasons below!

1. Convenient to Customers

It’s frustrating to have to wait 24 hours for an email reply. Customers want their questions answered right away. Live chat easily solves this issue.

When a customer logs onto your website with questions, they can easily be connected to a representative. They’re able to get help in a matter of seconds than hours.

2. Higher Customer Service Satisfaction

Don’t know if live chat is the way to go?

This will change your mind: live chat has the highest satisfaction levels when it comes to customer service channels. It beat out email and phone.

Having this software on your website ensures customers will leave your site happy. They can talk to a real, live person with just the click of a button.

3. Improved Customer Retention

A poor customer service experience is bound to end up losing that customer. That’s money lost from something easily solved with live chat.

Customers able to experience fast, reliable service ends up coming back to buy more. That’s why it’s crucial for customer service to go above and beyond to assist customers-it keeps them coming back.

4. Valuable Analytics

With phone conversations, they need to be recorded and then listened to thoroughly to ensure agents are doing a good job. That’s time-consuming and hard to keep up with.

With live chat, you get reports on need-to-know factors like response time, time duration, and customer satisfaction. It allows you to stay in control without having to take a lot of time out of your schedule to do so.

5. Cost Efficient

Phone calls happen one at a time. If a call takes an hour, that’s time taken away from other customers.

With live chat, the agents behind the computer are able to multitask. They can have multiple conversations going at the same time-they just switch between windows.

This keeps your costs low so you don’t have to hire more people. It also cuts down on response times because one agent can handle multiple customers. Whereas with phone conversations, customers are left waiting until the next available representative.

Get Live Chat for Your Customized Websites

The world of customer service is evolving. No longer do customers have to wait hours between response times.

With live chat, someone’s there to answer their questions right away. This results in more revenue gained and higher customer retention levels.

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