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How to Improve Your Website’s Usability

Your website is a tool to promote your business, and an important one at that. Not that long ago, amateurs could create their own websites on the fly, but these days you need custom web design to impress savvy consumers. Your website is likely to provide the first...

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5 Tips for Creating a Mobile-Friendly Website

It's a fact now - mobile users are dominating the World Wide Web, so it makes sense to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. But what does this mean, exactly? It means you need a custom Web design that will cater to smartphones and tablets. It's best to obtain...

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22% of Inc 500 Websites Not Mobile Optimized

Google is planning another mobile search update and it's scheduled to go into effect in May.  So we thought we'd take a look at how many of the fastest growing, privately-owned companies in America pass the Googles mobile test. To our surprise almost a quarter of the...

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Responsive Web Design Best Practices

As mobile device technology continues to improve, it is becoming more and more viable to lean on a smartphone as a primary tool for surfing the Internet.This means that a responsive web design (RWD) is absolutely required for any website that hopes to attract and...

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