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New Website Layouts to Try in 2015

Websites have changed a lot in the past ten years. If you look at the new design trends for 2015, you will notice that several websites are going with a non-traditional layout. Below is a list of interesting layout designs that will inspire you to step outside the...

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To Slide or Not to Slide

One of the first things many clients tell me is they want one of those “slider” things on their website, something that flashes and gets people’s attention. Usually this is in reference to a set of large images that slide from one image to the next. These are usually...

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How Will Lead Generation Help You?

As a Project Manager my job is to make sure that my clients are delivered a website that looks spectacular AND is something that will result in more people visiting the site and converting into leads or sales. When getting a website developed there are two very key...

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Why Good Photography is Important

The quality of your website’s photos can make or break the design. Photography is often overlooked, but it is one of the most critical elements on a website. Using the perfect photos makes a tremendous difference in the impression and effectiveness of your website....

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What it Means to Have a Modern Website

Often times when working with clients I hear that they want a modern website. The term modern can be very subjective. So just like all things, with a website project it is good to know what you are asking for when requesting a modern design. It’s also great to be...

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Elements of a Website

Below are descriptions of what the different parts of a website page are and what they do. It helps to know what these are properly called and how they can improve a page on your website. By knowing what each section and button does on your website, it helps that much...

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Getting On the Same Page

When you want your website to look a certain way, you need to be able to communicate effectively with your designer. Instead of “pop”, use terms like “contrast” or “gradient”. The more specific you are, the closer you will be to getting the design of your dreams! Here...

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Using Design to Grow Your Business

Design is an incredibly powerful tool. When you witness the strength of a design over the long term, you can see how valuable it is. It’s important to invest in good design from the start. These days it seems like everyone from shipping services to your nephew is a...

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What’s color got to do with it?

As a designer, I work hard to choose the right colors for a design. I try to spend extra time looking through different places to get an idea of what colors I should be mixing into my design. While many companies come to me with a color palette in mind, there are some...

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What Is Online Marketing?

When it comes to online marketing there are many actions you can take and countless individuals and companies that promote themselves as “online marketing specialists”.When it comes to putting together an online marketing campaign,  there are a few key pieces...

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What We Can Learn From the Apple Site

Less is more – Your website does not need to be cluttered; be picky about what content makes it onto your website. Dark backgrounds are on their way out – utilize a light background and use bright colors and designs as your contrast instead of the “foundation”.  ...

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