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The Complete Website is One You Can Use.

My department here at Studio98 is training. My favorite part of websites is their actual usability. It is great to have a website that looks good but if you have to constantly pay someone to go through and add all of your pages, content, menu items and blog posts for...

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Making A First Impression Last

During a study byUse It,researchers discovered that when it comes to visitors on your website, "the first 10 seconds of the page visit are critical for users' decision to stay or leave."What do those 10 seconds say about you, and how can you make those seconds count?...

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Can We Be Too Social?

One of the things I hear as an Account Rep from many of my clients is that they want to be plugged in to social media, which I think is fantastic. Being tied in to everything social media has to offer is a great idea for many reasons, most of all brand recognition and...

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Why A Cover Band Will Never Get Famous

Who is your favorite cover band? Here in Austin, there's a little group called “The Fantastics.” They play 90’s music, and dress like a bunch of geeks. It’s a fun time, for a night out with your friends. Have you heard of them?If you’ve never been to Austin,I am...

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Why Should I Consider Flat Design For My Website?

Are you looking to bring your website into the 21st century? Consider a flat design. Flat designs aren't for everyone. Flat design has a certain crispness and clarity that can only be achieved by removing all three dimensional effects. Flat design has two main goals:...

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Don’t BYOD (Bring Your Own Design)

This is a term we have often come across on the back of hastily written party invitations. To me it generally signifies the task or activity you are planning to attend is on a budget or planned only insofar as "getting together". This is perfectly fine and acceptable....

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A Guide to Taking Better Photos

If you are trying to communicate about your business through photography, you should learn these two techniques for taking better photographs. This lesson is incredibly important for anyone who may be trying to build their online presence. For those of us who aren’t...

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Why Is My Logo Pixelated?

When it comes to logos, there are 2 major file types your logo can be: Bitmap or Vector. Bitmap images (Which are also called raster images) are the most common of these two file types. Bitmap images are created on a pixel grid. Pixels are tiny dots that make up...

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Why The First Look Isn’t The Last Look.

When making a design into a live working site there is a lot of anticipation about seeing everything in proper working order. The excitement and build up is a lot like the first day of school when you're thinking about seeing all of your friends, see who's wearing...

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What the FONT were you thinking?!

If you want to know what “WTF” really means, ask a designer, “What The Font?!” Professionals use typography to create a relationship between the style of the font, and what the font is actually saying. There has to be a balance between both messages. Often, the visual...

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How To Surf Like a Professional

I know nothing about actual surfing (the kind that requires you to be in water that comes up past your waist and have good balance). But I do know quite a bit about navigating the world wide web. So I will be your Mr. Miyagi and teach you the ways of the internet,...

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