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Marketing Through Wikipedia

Did you know that Wikipedia is the second most visited site from Google Searches? Add to this knowledge that more searches are conducted on Google than on any other search engine and you soon realize that there is some serious traffic moving through Wikipedia and for...

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Facebook Releases Usernames

The rumors around the Facebook water cooler were all true and last night the games began as Facebook users could start claiming their very own vanity URLs. Choosing a username was first reserved for businesses and partners of Facebook with more than 1000 fans, but the...

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Best Open-Source Social Network Platform

I had written a blog post about branding your business through building a Ning community. For the beginner-level website owner, this is still a great option. Recently another option emerged which is by far the best free option for building a community.BuddyPress.org....

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Search Engine Optimization: The Fall of Hidden Text

The key to website success is getting found by the search engines. So why do so many people risk getting blacklisted by utilizing unethical search engine optimization tactics? Your site definitely can’t get found if Google has booted you from their index. The most...

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