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Price By Project or By Hour?

The other day I had an interesting call with someone that wanted to go with a company that would quote out their website project by the estimated hours versus by the overall project, like we do here, and I felt that others would find it interesting why we don't do...

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Websites Are Your Online Storefronts

It's important to realize that building a custom website is much like building a new storefront for your business. Both require blueprints, proofs, well thought out plans and money. Below are a few points to help address many of the common misconceptions we come...

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Don’t Use Joe for Design

At one point or another your company will need a new logo or brochure made. You have two choices when this time comes 1) use your in-house jack of all trades to whip up a design in Microsoft paint, or 2) hire an professional graphic designer to do the job for you....

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Word of the Week: Hash

A hash is something that grinds up data… in a consistent way. Yeah, dumb subject.Maybe not.Here’s the beef: I find the concept of hashing so fascinating that I felt compelled to blog about it, because it’s so interesting.It is also absolutely critical to security and...

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Eye Protection for Your Social Retina

If you look directly into the sun without proper eye protection, for an extended period of time, you will go blind; The high radiation levels being emitted from the sun will burn your retina and you won't feel a thing (your retina doesn't sense pain, only light.) In...

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Outsourcing Advantageously

Good outsourcing requires solid fiscal knowledge of a variety of locales. Word on the street says that outsourcing is the most profitable and practical way to cut costs and efficiently handle small and large workloads with minimal risk. Before taking the plunge for...

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Efficiency Part 1: The Rudiments

In an age of electronic gadgetry and wizardry, it is easy to get distracted. Ensuring maximum efficiency while producing solid results should be in the mind of every individual within a company. Being efficient requires discipline and creative thinking. You will need...

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What Exactly is a Blog?

According to Technorati (a blog search engine), in 2008 there were over 112 million blogs.More than 2 blogs are created every second of each day (circa 175,000 new blogs a day) and there are about 18.6 posts per second (1.6 million per day).A blog is a Content...

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Are You Feeling Lucky, Well Are You…..?

When I was growing up, several of my friends always considered me lucky. I don’t exactly know what they were looking at but it felt kind of good to be considered lucky, like there was some guardian angel looking over me. Well it didn’t take long in the real world to...

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In a world where the internet is rapidly becoming the largest mass-media advertising platform, you need to consider the participation of your company. The question is, where to start.The two main forms of advertising online are, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and...

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