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Blogging in the Middle of the Night

Why not? I’m up now at 3:47am, super happy, was able to catch up on somethings, worked out the new look for our Rethink Training case studies a few hours ago with Bryce (designer), working out a new layout for the help sections on our systems, wife is asleep, loving...

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The Value of Taking Your Own Advice

Sometimes taking advice is a good thing, even if it temporarily impedes forward progress… It seems everyone has something to say about something. I rarely generalize to this extent but when it comes to advice, humans are inclined to be very generous. No matter how...

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Top Three Ways to Make Yourself More Relevant Online

1. Reinforce your vision – Your mission statement might not be new to you and you are probably tired of hearing it, but that doesn’t mean that your customers are. Your mission is what keeps people excited about your brand. Keep your mission statement in more than one...

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Don’t Use Joe for Design

At one point or another your company will need a new logo or brochure made. You have two choices when this time comes 1) use your in-house jack of all trades to whip up a design in Microsoft paint, or 2) hire an professional graphic designer to do the job for you....

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Don’t Be Defined By Mediocrity

One of the things as an Account Rep that I come across is a client showing me a competitor’s site or a site of someone in their industry that they like or want to be like. This can serve as a good and a bad thing. The good of this is that we as designers and account...

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Why You Need Expert PPC Management

The online world has opened up an entirely new set of strategies for reaching your target audience as an advertiser, and they can all be accessed at your fingertips. The problem is that business-owners and marketing managers confuse accessibility with ease of use. In...

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Are You Taking Your Company Seriously?

I talk with people every day about their websites. They ask, “Our website is so-so, what do you think of it?” To be honest, they KNOW their website does not accurately reflect their business. Many times the thought that comes through my head is, “If they’re not taking...

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