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5 Local SEO Strategies to Implement on Your Site

The SEO industry is expected to hit $79 billion by 2020. This means you need to start investing in SEO now. So, if you’re looking to boost your online reputation or drive traffic to your website? If SEO is the king of all things website-related, local SEO is...

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How a Porn Star Killed My Google Ranking

Hard-earned SEO results can sometimes be cut down overnight – maybe it’s time for a newstrategy! Can Google’s results be controlled? No. Is it possible to formulate a workable SEO strategy that will benefit your company or reputation online? Yes. If your Website ranks...

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What Makes a Great Logo?

1. Your logo should be simple. Less is more. Nobody wants an ugly logo, and there are certainly rules to having a fundamentally solid logo. Just know that bells, whistles, sparkle, and shine, all missed the cut when the “must include” list was formed. A great logo is...

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Crowd-Sourced Education

  It was 9pm in Valencia, Spain. Mariano’s (my father-in-law) face was palpitating and red, sweat was beading down his brow, he couldn’t believe what had just happened… I finally beat him at a game of Squash. Squash is a very competitive game and requires a high...

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What’s color got to do with it?

As a designer, I work hard to choose the right colors for a design. I try to spend extra time looking through different places to get an idea of what colors I should be mixing into my design. While many companies come to me with a color palette in mind, there are some...

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Are You Making These Dangerous SEO Mistakes?

Let’s face it: search engine optimization can be a chore. We all know how important SEO is to getting found online. It’s no secret that 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine. When it actually comes time to implement SEO, however, many businesses...

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Websites Are Your Online Storefronts

It’s important to realize that building a custom website is much like building a new storefront for your business. Both require blueprints, proofs, well thought out plans and money. Below are a few points to help address many of the common misconceptions we come...

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Is Optimization Worth It?

Unoptimized code introduces unnecessary kinks and slow-downs I have probably spent hundreds of hours optimizing different aspects of our business. If the purpose of optimizing is to save time, reduce workload, and everything else that goes with it (including stress),...

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