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Generate More Local Leads with These 5 Content Hacks

All businesses can benefit from more leads, but if you’re a startup or small business, effective lead generation could be the difference between your success or failure. And if you’ve noticed that your local leads aren’t where you want them to be, your content could be to blame.

The idea that strong content can make a significant difference in consumer engagement isn’t just a trend. A recent study found that 75 percent of companies are increasing their investment in content marketing.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to improve your content, though. Read on for our top 5 content hacks that can make a difference in your local lead generation.

1. Do Your Research

Before you can write the quality of content that will generate local leads, you need to understand what type of content already exists in your industry.

Spend some time on other industry websites. Pay attention to what topics get written about the most often, and what type of writing style your competitors employ.

Once you know what the competition is doing, you’ll have a better understanding of what unique value you can provide.

2. Solve a Problem

Today’s internet consumer has a short attention span and isn’t going to spend a lot of time reading content that isn’t valuable to them.

If you want potential customers to keep reading past the first paragraph, you need to convince them that you’re content is going to solve a problem.

Put yourself in the consumer’s position and think about what challenges that might face in their daily lives and how your product or service can help them with those. Then you can start brainstorming ways to create engaging content around that idea.

3. Include Lead Magnets

One of the best ways to generate local leads through content is to offer critical information in exchange for personal information.

If you’ve written a blog post or white paper that you know will be of unique value, offer the full-length version in exchange for a person’s email address or contact information.

You shouldn’t include lead magnets in every piece of content you create, but when you’re offering consumers something particularly valuable, it’s smart to get something you value in return.

4. Make Your Content Easy to Share

Your current audience may be an untapped resource when it comes to generating new leads. People trust recommendations from someone they know more than they would a campaign or promotion from the business itself.

If you make your content easy for your current audience to share on social media, you’re increasing your exposure to a wide network of people who may have never found your site on their own.

5. Nurture Your Leads with Targeted Content

It’s great when someone new discovers your site, but a first-time visitor could still be a long way off from becoming a customer.

As you start to generate more leads, nurture them with targeted content via emails and social media posts. You want to continue to provide them with value and remind them why they visited your site in the first place.

Those efforts can eventually translate to higher sales and overall business growth.

Ready to Generate More Local Leads?

Rethinking and refreshing your content strategy can help you engage with a new audience of potential customers. Provide them with enough value, and eventually, they’ll begin to trust your brand and your product.

For more information on how to engage consumers, please contact us today.