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Prior to making a purchase in a physical retail store, 39% of digital consumers visited a brand’s website and 35% read customer reviews. Are you set up to put your best foot forward?

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Combining a new website with email marketing, online advertising and SEO can increase your sales by over 300%

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The field of health services is changing by the day. One thing is clear, the internet will be playing a larger and larger role as we move into the future.
We’ve helped thousands of businesses come up with ways to use the internet to become more known, more trusted and be able to take on more clients faster than ever before.

Here at Studio98 we’ve been working in the field of websites and internet marketing since 2006 and we’ve serviced thousands of customers by helping them with everything from a simple refreshing of their website to a full blown marketing campaign. We’ve done a large number of projects for numerous companies in the health services field, anywhere from dentists, to medical device manufacturers, bio-research companies and hospitals.

We start out by finding out what your current process is to bring in new business and handle it. We also go over what software tools you are using to see if we can help improve your operational efficiency. Then we identify ways of helping you reinforce past successful actions as well as implement new avenues of reaching customers and closing business as well as operating your business.

The initial analysis can usually be completed within one or two phone calls and we’ll provide you with a recommended plan of action and pricing so you can evaluate what it will take to increase your sales. There is no charge for the analysis and the recommendations are yours whether you purchase or not.

Client Testimonial

Health Services

“We hired Studio98 to create a new website for us. We had some ideas in mind but we were looking for help from experts on design ideas based on current trends, ease of use, etc. Studio98 delivered exactly what we were looking for, and they did it both a pleasant and professional manner. They were fun to work with, made changes rapidly to keep the project moving and listened to any questions and concerns we had. They even respectfully talked us out of things that weren’t in our best interest. They were a true business partner on this project from the initial meeting. I highly recommend Studio98 for any website work you need to have done!” – C.K.