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We help you use the internet to increase your sales and bring in new business.

96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine.

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Combining a new website with email marketing, online advertising and SEO can increase your sales by over 300%

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Running a business in the area of legal services typically requires a high degree of training and education in order to be an expert in your field of practice. You work hard to be the best in your field, so do we. ?
Here at Studio98 we’ve been working in the field of websites and internet marketing since 2006 and we’ve serviced thousands of customers by helping them with everything from a simple refreshing of their website to a full blown marketing campaign. We’ve done a large number of projects for companies in the field of legal services.

We start out by finding out all of the ways you typically acquire new clients as well as how you communicate and deal with past clients or ongoing one. Then we identify ways of helping you reinforce past successful actions as well as implement new avenues of reaching clients and closing business.

The initial analysis can usually be completed within one or two phone calls and we’ll provide you with a recommended plan of action and pricing so you can evaluate what it will take to increase your sales. There is no charge for the analysis and the recommendations are yours whether you purchase or not.

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“When we started with Studio98 our website was only showing up at the bottom of the second page of search results. After only a short time now on their SEO services we are now halfway up the results on page 1! I’m so excited and my mind is finally at ease knowing we are now working with Studio98. ” – V.W.