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Price List


Basic Website

A Basic website constructed and customized within a template-style framework starts at $3,500-$8,000

(Note: We also offer Website Refreshes starting at $500)

Larger Websites

Larger websites with many pages or advanced features involve more consultation with the client. We will have an in-depth consultation and review on the designs of the site to take into account any specific features or requests, competitors, etc. Due to the extreme customization possible on these projects the average time to completion is closer to 6-8 weeks from start to finish. These sites usually require an investment starting at $15,000 but can be more depending on your exact requirements.


Our paid advertising services include setting up and running your ad campaign and continually optimizing it get to get better results over time. This service has a $500 setup fee and $500 per month for each advertising platform (Google or Facebook).

Custom Website

Small or medium-sized businesses that are customized based on one of our successful Starter Showcases, strategically built to create that “WOW factor” and mobile optimized take 2-4 weeks to build. This type of project usually involves an investment of $8,000-15,000.

Marketing Automation

We will set you up with our marketing automation software which allows you to track the people who fill out forms on your website and follow up with them to ensure you take from them lead to sale. This is a $1,000 set up fee and $500 per month.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Our SEO services start at $1,000 per month. We include optimizing your website, writing blogs and gaining high quality links back to your website to help imrove your rankings in the search engines.

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