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WordPress Support Service

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  • Expert Wordpress Support
  • 1 Hour of Website Updates per Month
  • Free Wordpress Hosting
  • Speed Optimized Hosting
  • Website Security
  • Daily Backups
  • Free Tips to improve your website
  • Easy Access to Studio98 Marketing Services


Expert Support – The Studio98 staff are highly knowledgeable and specialize in supporting WordPress websites. We have extensive experience with WordPress websites and stay up to date as to the best practices. It is like having an army of WordPress experts on your side.

Website Updates – Every month your site is allowed a full hour of changes. This time can be utilized to keep your website content fresh and updated. As well, we can help you setup new features for your site, such as installing and setting up new plugins or inserting scripts. In addition to requested changes we keep your sites plugins and core WordPress files all updated.

Free Hosting – When you enroll in our Support Plan, you are paying for support and the monthly changes our dedicated team executes. However, we will also host your site FREE of charge. When you sign up on our Support Plan we recommend utilizing our hosting as we can provide the most efficient and speedy resolution of your requests. This allows our team to have access to all necessary aspects of the website that we will need to support and maintain it.

Website Speed – One of the worst nightmares for a website visitors are long loading times. And most visitors leave a webpage that doesn’t load within a reasonable time. Don’t lose visitors to slow loading speeds. The managed WordPress hosting servers we use at Studio98 are configured specifically for WordPress. That means sites on our hosting are typically faster, even when your site has a significant amount of traffic.

Website Security – Sleep better knowing your website is safe. Our team takes security seriously. We have a tight security layer that actively scans for malware and blocks most hacker’s attempts. If your site is attacked, we have daily backups and work fast to restore your site in short order.

Daily Backups – We create daily backups and offer restore points if you ever want to revert to a former website state.

Website Downtime – If your business depends on your website, then there is nothing worse than outages and the worries that come with resolving technicalities that you are not familiar with. With the aspects of our managed WordPress Hosting, your downtime is reduced to a near-nothing.

Free Tips to improve your website – Our Monthly Newsletters dedicated to our support clients gives free tips and information on how to improve your web presence, what mistakes to avoid, best security practices, basic marketing information, etc.

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