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Looking To Capture Website Visitor’s Interest?

Find Out How An Animated Banner Video Can Help Elevate Your Website To The Next Level.

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With the extremely short attention span of most website visitors, how can you better engage them and keep their interest in your site? 

Ever wish your website looked more professional? More intriguing and generated more business? We’ve got your back. With Animated Banner Videos, you create eye-catching websites to attract more business. Because first impressions are everything. With our step-by-step process we can work with you to create a website video that stands out and enhances the communication of your business.

Example Video (Usually Placed on Home Page or Product/Services Page with Title Over It):

Create an Animated Banner Video to Engage More Website Visitors

What is an Animated Banner Video?

An Animated Banner Video is a series of stock video clips put together, representing your industry and the industries you serve. Add in animation on top of that and it creates a professional, attractive page to help drive in more customers and improve the image of your business. These can be put onto any of several different pages on your website to improve the look and spark engagement.

Uses of Video

With Animated Banner Videos, you can customize and create as many as you like. Examples of places you can use these videos is on your home page or on individual product or service page. People also use them on industry pages or major sections of websites.

Work with us!

Once you get started, your assigned Project Manager will reach out to you and get rolling right away. They will have prepared some example video clips, work with you so you have the clips that you are happy with and get any other information they need for the video project.  When this is finalized, they will work with the Video Production team to edit the clips together and animate them to add that extra “Wow Factor”.

What is the Benefit?

Incorporating an Animated Banner Video onto any page of your website creates real impact. Putting up professional videos, like these, will draw more attention, which can create more business. It’s a game changer in the website world and is a great next step to take. Make sure that you stand out from the billions of other websites out there.

Let’s keep it simple!

It doesn’t have to be a complicated, drawn-out process. Our friendly staff will work with you to make sure you’re happy with the end product, and your website has this great, new eye-catching factor!

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