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What is an Animated Text Video and why is it UNIQUE?

When you sell to customers, you want something to incite a sale. When you hire staff, you want a reputable presentation. With an Animated Text Video, that’s covered. An Animated Text video is up to 3 minutes long. It’s scripted and it’s text is animated to communicate your message, with music added for increased effect. It’s unique because not as many companies are doing these types of videos. They help with warming up prospects, training/recruiting staff and closing deals. The advantage of these is, you can watch them and still get the communication of the video without having to have the sound on. Plus they look super cool!

Example of an Animated Text Video:  

The Process

Launch Call

The Project Manager will reach out to you, explain the process of the project, work out whether you are doing the video for your company overall or for an individual product or service and work out the Call to Action with you (what you want to direct people to do at the end of the video). They’ll get data regarding the product or service and ask questions to get an understanding of it and any other information to be able to create a great script. 

We follow a principle to focus on one concept per video, improving the watch time of your video and the retention of the information for your viewers.

Composing The Script

Your Project Manager then works with the script writers to write a great script to clearly communicate your company, product or service. 

They factor in the length of the video (usually up to 3 minutes) and  will write a script that gets the idea across in the time that we have.

We’ll send you the script and do any revisions needed with you, so you’re happy. 2 rounds of edits will be included to your satisfaction, and if need be, there’s a small charge for any additional edits.

Voice Over and Animation

Once the script is finalized we will then get the voice over done with one of our professional voice over artists and get into the animation.

The animation is done to back up the communication of the script. They should work together to communicate the one concept you are going for in the video.

There are two styles of animation for this video, one is whiteboard (which looks like a hand drawing the animation) and more commonly now are using Explainer video (which an animated 2D graphics style).


We go through the video with you, make any final adjustments to the animation and get the “Thumbs Up”. At this point we finalize the video and send you a high resolution version of the video, plus a web compressed version that can be implemented anywhere online that you want to put it.

If you are on our Support service, we will help you get that implemented onto your website. It will then be available to use for enlightening new staff, new customers and help support further marketing and sales.

We’re on your side

These Animated Text Videos can help every part or area of your company. It unifies a team to be on the same page with what everyone is doing and what the objective is. We can’t wait to help you grow your business!


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