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Continually Adding New Blog Posts Can Help Rank Your Site On Search Engines

Add a Blog To Your Website.

Blogging involves writing articles on specific subjects and adding them to a library of similar articles on your website. The importance of blogging is on the rise and today, more than ever, it should be part of your marketing strategy. Blogs are a good way to establish yourself as an authority, give people an insight into your unique views and get educated. In our company we generate a numbers of leads regularly from people who have read our blog posts.

We can help you get a blog added to your site and train you on how to add and edit blog posts. We also provide blogging as part of our SEO Services.

Our Process


Launch Call

The launch call is done to ensure that you know how the whole process is going to work in more detail and for your Project Manager to get all the information they need to get started.


Blog Install and Styling

Your Project Manager will get the blog software installed (if needed) and update the look of it to match your existing website.


Blog Go Live!

We will do any final adjustments on the blog and get your sign off to “Go Live”. This is then made live as part of your website so that you can start adding blog posts to your site.

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Answers to Common
Blog Setup Questions

Will I be able to make changes myself?

Yes! We setup blogs on WordPress, which is the most widely used blogging software in the world. This will allow you to easily write and post blog articles to your website. As a note, we generally build complete websites in WordPress, which are called Showcases or Starter Showcases.

How long does it take to build a new website?

Generally for the Website Refresh you can expect it to take around 7 business days from the time we have the Launch call and get the information that we need. We recommend you Schedule a Call with one of our marketing specialists who will be more than happy to talk with you about your options and give you a quote and an estimated time frame.

Can I get a blog setup if my website isn’t in WordPress?

If you don’t have a WordPress website, then we would recommend that you get one so that your blog can be completely integrated on your website. If you don’t have a WordPress website, or don’t wish to get one, then we can install the blog on a subdomain (sub website) such as http://blog.yourwebsite.com. This will connect the site, but provide a separate place that WordPress can then work on.

I want to show up in Google. Will a blog help me with that?

Setting up your blog is definitely a good step in getting your website to start showing up in search engines. With search engines, there are hundreds of things that influence your rankings in the search engines. If that is important to you, we recommend you also look into our Search Engine Optimization service.