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Websites With A Blog Tend To Have 434% More Pages In Search Engines

Get A Blog Added To Your Existing Website And Take Advantage Of The Increased Traffic

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Does Your Website Have “Just a Few Pages” But Lacking Leads? 
Add a Blog To Your Website

Blogging is on the rise and today, more than ever, it should be part of your marketing strategy. Blogs are a good way to establish yourself as an authority, give people an insight into your unique views and get educated. You will have people reaching to you that are more educated from reading your blog posts. In our own company we generate a numbers of leads regularly from people who have read our blog posts.

We can help you get the blog added to your site and train you on how to add and edit blogs. We also provide blogging as part of our SEO Services.

How To Generate More Leads and Sales

Launching Your Project

You Project Manager will work with you to get your project rolling. They will fill out a questionnaire on the call to make sure we get all the information we need to get started and immediately get the information over to the Programming team to begin.

Installing and Styling Your Blog

Your Project Manager will work with the programming team to set up the initial blog and update the look of it to match the look of your website. When we build new websites for clients we include the blog setup at no additional charge. For someone who had a website built by another company with no blog set up, this is a great option.

Final Review and Tweaks

The next step is the final review call where you will see the blog set up by the Project Manager and have an opportunity to make any final tweaks needed in the style of the site to make sure that it matches the look of your website. These are usually minor and don’t take a long time to do. We can also fill in a blog post if you have one ready (although we will just get it live for you if not ready and instruct you on adding the link to the Blog once you have filled in a blog post.

Go Live

After more than 12 years and more than 4,000 website projects we know how to take care of your blog. We run through our final checklist of more than 20 points to ensure that the blog loads fast, is mobile responsive and in tip top shape. We will then get it live if you are on our Support  or Hosting Plans (or included with our Marketing services) or send you the files to give to your team if you want to host it elsewhere.

We Make It Easy

Building a website doesn’t need to be a long and painful process. Our friendly staff will walk you through every step of the way, building your website based off experience and proven best practices to make your new site totally awesome.

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