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Blogging Statistic: 81% Of People Perform Some Type Of Online Research Before Making A Large Purchase.

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People Judge a Book By Its Cover. Help Make The Best Impression For Your Visitors
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You meet people and chances are they are going to pull up your website and read about you before reaching out. Think about your own experience on the web and it will illustrate the importance of blogging. You land on two websites. One has a blog with no activity, or only a few page website with no blogs. The second one has an active blog that has regular articles being posted and you can see that because the most recent blog was a couple days ago. The one with the active blog is likely going to get the business when compared to the one that doesn’t have the blog. Take advantage of traffic you are getting to your website and improve the results.

How We Work.


This is where Blogging actually starts. When your Account Rep starts the service with you, they will fill out a complete questionnaire with all the information we need to deliver the service.

They will then get with the content team and get the blog posts started right away.


Our Content Team writes the blog posts and focuses on topics that will likely attract people to your website and provide helpful information when they get there. Any ideas you have for blogs are noted down by the Account Rep on your monthly calls and otherwise our team will take the creative lead to get it done for you.


We will go ahead and post the blogs on the website and you are welcome to review them and edit them whenever you get a chance. Our objective is going to be to write clear communication for the website visitors that represents your brand well, but CONSISTENCY IS KEY. We will post the blogs and keep the flow going for your organization.

The best products in the world will sit on a shelf gathering
dust if not properly marketed.

Don’t let your business gather dust waiting for customers to notice you. Get one of our SEO plans and start taking action to drive in new customers today.

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