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Conversion Optimization Is The Process of Testing Things On Your Website To See What Gets The Best Results
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You can test everything on a website, the titles on pages, the colors used on buttons, the size of text, the specific images used, whether video or images get more reaches, etc. Your content is the message that comes across, creating the urge for people to reach to you. If you want to take your website up to the next level, then you should look at Conversion Optimization as a way to make your website more effective.

How To Generate More Leads and Sales

Starting Your Campaign

Your Account Manager will do a launch call with you and get all the information from you needed to get rolling on the campaign. They will orient you on the process and discuss some ideas of things that we will start testing on your website.

Running Tests

We generally run 1-3 tests on a website at the same time. The amount of traffic that your website gets will determine how long we will do tests for. The objective is that we get a definitive outcome to be able to tell you version ____ results in a 10% increase of ____. Then that becomes the one fully used.

Reviews and Tweaks

Your Account Rep will constantly be testing points on the website to ensure that you are getting the best possible results. This is an ongoing process and something that ensures you get better and better results over time. We will be there to analyze and test changes and be the execution arm of your website testing.

Reports and Analytics

We will generate reports of the results of the campaigns for you. We will brief you on what was done, what improved results and what didn’t. We will give you the game plan going forward and then help execute it.

We Make It Easy

Building a website doesn’t need to be a long and painful process. Our friendly staff will walk you through every step of the way, building your website based off experience and proven best practices to make your new site totally awesome.

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