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Your business requires many different actions and tools. Imagine one software system that is custom built to your unique business process. You can detail out all of the actions and functions you need to manage your business and get them all built into one streamlined custom software application. Such a system could reduce work load massively, allowing you to focus on your business and doing what you do best. Our System Architects are well versed in designing, laying out and custom building software systems for any business.

How To Get Custom Software Designed And Built

Understanding Your Goals

We start with discovering what the actions and activities are that you are trying to automate with your software. Our consultants will work with you to get a clear communication of exactly what you need from a custom software application. This will be a general overview of requirements and will allow us to get you a ballpark price for the project. 

Launch Call

The launch call is done to introduce you to our development team and start the full scoping process that will be needed for complete pricing. Our System Architects will go over the high level overview of your system to ensure that  nothing is left out. They will also make suggestions based on our experience of any other functionality you might need. 

Scoping Phase

Once the general overview is complete, our System Architects will create wireframes of all of the different screens needed for your software project along with descriptions of what functionality and reporting will be provided across every piece of the system. This is much more in-depth than the general overview and allows us to precisely price the project for you along with an exact time estimate. 

Project Scheduling And Timeline

Now that we have an exact time frame and price for your project we can separate out the various functions to be built and put them in a sequence to get done.  We will set up regular calls and meetings to ensure the project is staying on track as well as to take up any bugs or questions that happen along the way. 

Multiple Releases

As the work on the project is getting done we will group the various functions being built into “releases”. This will ensure you get a chance to see and start to interact with your system as it’s being built. This helps to make sure the project stays on track throughout the timeline and that the final product is exactly what you want. 

Implementation and Training

Once the system is complete and ready to officially launch we will provide documentation on how to use the system as well as training so you know how to get the most out of your new custom tool!

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Answers to Common
Custom Software Questions

How is Custom Software different than generic software?

Generic Software is made to fit the needs of a large number of people. This means they have common features and functionality that the majority of people require. Custom Software comes into play when your company needs software that does specific things that aren’t already built into commonly available software. 

Will I have ongoing costs?

Yes. While you will own the software and won’t have to pay a monthly fee to some third party software company, you will have to make sure that routine maintenance gets done and any updates get handled. This is usually handled by having an in-house team that has the skill set to maintain your system or retaining our services in a Support capacity to maintain your system. 

How long does it take to build Custom Software?

This will vary greatly depending on what we are actually going to be doing.  We recommend you Schedule a Call with one of our specialists who will be more than happy to talk with you about your options and how to get a quote and estimated time frame.

Do I actually need Custom Software? 

Some companies do and some don’t. Software systems are really just tools to get certain things done. If you haven’t been able to find a tool that does what you need you may be stuck using multiple tools that don’t really do what you need. Or you may be in a niche industry that no one has made affordable software for yet. If you fit into either of these two scenarios you would benefit from learning about what Custom Software has to offer. 

I want to sell my new software to customers as part of my business. Is that possible?

Building your own software means that you own it and can do what you like with it. You are absolutely free to use your new system to create new businesses or partnerships as you see fit. 

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