Why Custom App Development and Software?

When we started our business we only built websites. Then we started helping with marketing. Once we helped our clients build great websites and drive tons of traffic, we found that many of them didn’t have efficient ways to handle the increased traffic and scale their companies without a huge headache or working themselves to death.

We took our experience in building internal systems to run our business and turned it into a core offering for our clients. Our software developers and custom mobile app developers can now help you build or implement any kind of software system needed to help you manage your business and smoothly expand.

What is Custom Software?

The most common project we find ourselves helping clients with is building a custom system to hold leads and sales information and integrating it with a system of keeping track of delivery of service or products.

For example, a paving company needs to record incoming leads, interactions with them, including quotes and sold jobs. Once a job closes they need to send it over to their installation team for scheduling of material and manpower to get the job done. Several communications need to go out at once to manage this process smoothly and as a manager you need to be able to see all of the data at once. With custom software you can automate this process to eliminate human error, reduce expense and increase efficiency and productivity.

Other examples include taking your company training process from binders of material studied by employees and turning it into an online system with drills, checklists, reports and tracking so you know exactly where each staff is on their training. You can program the system to allow you to reassign training modules to staff in need of correction and to track repeat offenders so they can be handled by HR.

Other examples include allowing your customers to “build” their own quote for their home remodel and accurately get them a bid based on the data submitted, tracking key metrics across your company by automatically recording the actions that produce them and generating easy to use reporting, automating reporting on your marketing spending and your return to understand where you are getting the most ROI without having to manually calculate it every time. 

Virtually any process that gets done in your company can be made more efficient and easier to standardize by using custom software.

Of course in this day and age all of these software programs need to be able to be accessed on a mobile app. We can build software to be accessed from your desktop, your mobile device, or both.

If you can dream it, we can build it. Not only that, we can help you implement it so that it makes you more sales and profit. Contact us today to learn more about our custom app development and software development.

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What our clients say

I don’t know if this is just a strange alignment of the stars or what...Since we started this campaign we’ve gotten a 100x increase in the numbers of sales… I’m ready to double down!

– D.S.

After only two months we went from not showing up anywhere close to the first page to showing up on page one!

– J.M.

It’s only been live for two months and I’ve had over 2500 visits this month alone!

– A.S.

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