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Most Websites Lose Visitors While Loading.

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Our Hosting Plan was created to help go beyond your basic “big box hosting” service. Most hosting companies simply provide space on a server for your website. Trouble is that you need someone to update your website plugins, do security scans and need your website to load FAST. On many independent speed tests we find that websites we host load at least 60% faster. We include all of that at no extra charge. Have peace of mind that your website will continue to run with our Hosting Plan starting at $35 per month.

What’s Included

Easy to Update

Most web design firms don’t offer hosting services, but even then we take it a notch above. Our hosting services are all inclusive of regular backups of data, security scans and software/plugin updates –– all for one incredibly low rate. Our service is so easy to update, it’ll be done before you even remember you have to. Sound too good to be true? We thought so.

Peace of Mind

Your website should stay online and be useable 24/7 and you shouldn’t have to be worried about your website crashing. Our hosting services boast a 99.9% uptime –– meaning you can rest assured knowing your website will stay operational and running even when you’re not around.


A majority of hosting services offer just that –– hosting. With free plugin updates, security scans, routine backups and protection against security breaches, we do everything in our power to make sure your website stays online and out of harms way. We’re essentially building a digital barrier around your website to keep threats at bay and your customers protected.

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Answers to Common
Website Hosting Questions

How much does it cost?

Our Hosting Plan is only $35 per month and includes hosting your website, backups and security scans to ensure your website stays in good shape.

What if I’m hosting with someone else?

No problem. We are more than happy to move your website over to our servers at no additional cost. We take care of everything and ensure that there is little to no down time when we switch over your website (99% of transfers have no downtime at all and the 1% that do, it’s minimal).

I have more questions. What do I do?

We recommend you Schedule a Call with one of our marketing specialists who will be more than happy to talk with you about your options and get you a quote.

What if I want help making changes to my website?

No problem! We are more than happy to help you with our Support Service. We will take care of website updates and also include hosting your website for free in that plan.

Does your service help ensure my website stays fast?

One of the big factors that contributes to load speed are the servers (computers) your website is on. We have found that our hosting is generally 60% faster than the other major players out there and pride ourselves of giving you great service.

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