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Do You Have A Need For A Page Tailored To Get The Conversions You Want?

Landing Pages Can Be A Great Way To Capture Attention And Leads.

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A Perfectly Tailored Landing Page Can Be Very Effective.
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With the short attention of the society today, it’s vital that you give people the exact information they are looking for in the exact right structure. Landing Pages offer a great way to communicate clearly the information on a specific product or service, or about your company as a placeholder if you don’t have an existing website. We will walk you through the process of a custom designed Landing Page, turning that into a functioning website or web page and helping get it live for you with minimal effort on your part.

The Process

Understand Your Goals

We will discuss your goals with you for the landing page, what product or service it is for (or if it’s for the overall company), what action you want to get people to take and what information people usually need to get in order to make the decision to take that action. We get the information in the Launch Call and your Project Manager will be there to walk you through the entire process, step by step.

The Design Process

Your Project Manager will work with the Design Team in order to craft a custom landing page to communicate your product or service, provide the structure for the content that will give the website visitors what they need and then also include the call to action so we drive people to reach to you. This phase is done to put together the overall look and feel and doesn’t get into the detailed content (that is the next step). With the right structure in place, it makes the rest of the process much easier. Once you approve the design we roll to the next stage.

Building the Test Page

We will take the approved design and turn that into a functioning page (either part of your existing website if it’s going onto your website) or as a standalone page (if it is going to be the temporary website while your new website gets built). This part of the process ensures the test page looks just like the design, is mobile responsive and loads fast. While that is being built we will work with our Content Team to write the content for the page that will help direct the visitors to reach to your company. The content comes back, we fill this in and then move to the final review and launch phase.

Final Review and Launch

In this phase your Project Manager walks you through the Landing Page, makes any adjustments needed rapidly and then works with you to get the page live. We also walk through our “Go Live Checklist” to ensure that it is all set on being mobile responsive, loads fast and is programmed using best practices. We follow the standards created by a group called W3C, the most widely used standards for programming on the internet.

What We Need From You

1. Involvement from anyone in your team that has input into the decision making process.

2. Data from you on the initial scope call with the Project manager to make sure the right goals are set for the project.

3. Information from you that our Content Team will use to craft the content for your landing page. We want to ensure it gives the visitors exactly what they need and directs them to contact you.

4. Doing the final walk-through and ensuring that you are happy with the product and understand why we did each part that we did. Our Project Manager will walk you through this.

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