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Strong Logos And Branding Position The Company As An Authority In The Mind Of People Who See It

Create An Impact With A Custom Logo

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Having a Strong Logo Is the First Step In Building A Strong Brand
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No matter what promotion and marketing you are doing, you need to have a strong logo. This will be the symbol that represents your company and is something that people start to recognize over time. When you are smaller the logo should be something that establishes you as a professional and clearly communicates what you do (or at least what industry you are in). Over time with more and more recognition of the logo, this becomes something that sticks in the minds of potential customers.

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How We Work.

Understand Your Goals

We begin the process with getting an understanding of your company and the customers you serve. Your Project Manager will get all the information they need to be able to get your project rolling. They work as the person between you and the Design team to ensure that we nail the logo for you.

Design Phase

Now that we understand what is important to you, your business and clients you serve, your Project Manager works with the Designers to get a logo that correctly represents you brand. Some companies do a “shotgun approach” of just creating several versions and sending them to you to see if you like one. We feel that a more exact approach is better, so we design THE logo that we feel will best represent your company.

Review and Adjusting

Many times we nail the logo design on the first version. We put a lot of work to get it to represent your company in the best way possible. This might include research and a number of adjustments from our Designers to get it just right before you ever see it. You will then review the logo with your Project Manager who will take notes if there are any slight adjustments (almost never is it way off). We will get the adjustments done until we get the go ahead from you.

Project Completion

We review the final version of the logo now and once we get the “Thumbs Up” we will get the logo all packaged up for you with a few versions so you are able to use it in different ways. You will have a dark version of the logo for use on a light or white background and a light logo (usually white) one for a dark background. We will send you the high resolution version of it that you can use in all other promotion and a medium sized one that generally works best for online applications.

What We Need From You

1. Involvement from anyone in your team that has input into the decision making process.

2. Data from you on the Launch Call with the Project Manager to make sure the right information is gotten together for your project.

3. Review and any adjustments worked through so that we get a logo that you are very happy and helps create the “WOW Factor” for your other promotion and marketing efforts.

4. Doing the final walk-through and getting the “Thumbs Up” when you are happy with the logo and we will then provide all the final versions of the files.

You have a great company, shouldn’t your website be great too?

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