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The biggest issue businesses face stopping their expansion is a lack of effective promotion and sales activity. But the majority of business owners we surveyed didn’t know exactly what actions to take or how to get them done.

As a full-service web design agency, we specialize in increasing client acquisition and increasing revenue for our clients through marketing and sales actions. With our Marketing Evaluation, we’ll help you zero in on exactly what you need to do to get more sales rolling in and hit your goals.

What is a marketing evaluation?

Marketing Evaluation is a unique service offered by Studio98. In order to understand and make sure we can help you hit your business goals, we’ll take a look at things like the purpose of your company, what you want your company to achieve and the establish the ideal set up for your business.

Once this is set we’ll inspect all of your marketing and sales actions, everything from how you find prospects for new sales, how you handle your word of mouth, how you package your services and products together, pricing and any other related items. 

After we’ve inspected these items and gotten a thorough understanding of the current scene in your business, we’ll compare it to your ideal set-up and identify the most major situations to handle to make real progress towards your goals.

With the correct evaluation of your goals and your current scene we can then program out the series of actions needed to bridge the gap between your existing scene and your ideal set-up. Some of these steps may be things you need to do within your business on your own and many of them will be items we can help you implement.

Once your custom program has been established, we’ll work with you to help you get it completed and move your business towards your goals by leaps and bounds.

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What our clients say

I don’t know if this is just a strange alignment of the stars or what...Since we started this campaign we’ve gotten a 100x increase in the numbers of sales… I’m ready to double down!

– D.S.

After only two months we went from not showing up anywhere close to the first page to showing up on page one!

– J.M.

It’s only been live for two months and I’ve had over 2500 visits this month alone!

– A.S.

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