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Having A Sales Presentation PDF (Or Sales Deck) Increases Your Chances Of Closing Deals

Create An Impact With A Custom Sales PDF

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Most prospective clients won’t tell you exactly why they don’t buy. You are talking with them one day and then they stop answering the next. This can happen for a number of reasons, but a few of the top reasons are that you didn’t answer the questions they wanted answered, you didn’t have the documentation to back up the sales pitch, didn’t look professional enough or didn’t follow up with them enough. The benefits of our Sales Presentation PDFs are:

  1. You look very professional.
  2. Speed up the time it takes to explain your company, products and services.
  3. Increase your chances of getting back on the phone.
  4. Give something you can use to keep your prospects warm when you aren’t actively closing them.

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How We Work.

Understand Your Goals

We begin the process with understanding your goals, getting to know more about you and what is important to you. We will talk through your existing marketing and sales efforts to understand how we can help reinforce those. We will design the Sales PDF for your company overall or for individual products and services. It’s recommended to have one for each.

Design Phase

Now that we understand what is important to you and how we can back up your efforts, we will start with designing the structure of the Sales Presentation. We will incorporate best practices to get you a great structure that will communicate your company or products and services well.

Content Phase

Concurrent to the structure being finalized, we get all the information to the content team who will craft the text that will effectively communicate who you are and what you do. This is done within the structure of the PDF that is being put together. This allows us to put together a great product for you that directs people to contact you for more information, and do it fast.

Project Completion

We review the PDF with you, explaining why we did each part of it and make any final adjustments so we can get you a great product, that you are really happy with. Once we get the final “Thumbs Up” we will get you the finalized version of the PDF (high resolution) as well as a web compressed version that can be used in places like attaching to an email or having as a download from your website.

What We Need From You

1. Involvement from anyone in your team that has input into the decision making process.

2. Data from you on the Launch Call with the Project Manager to make sure the right goals are set for the project.

3. Content from you to ensure that we really nail the goals for the site and that it will fit your needs exactly. (We can offer our content writing services for anyone that needs help with the content).

4. Doing the final walk-through and testing to ensure any bugs are worked out and everything is set up to really create a “Wow” factor for any visitors to your site

You have a great company, shouldn’t your website be great too?

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