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When you build a website there are a lot of decisions that get made about how to display data. For example, how do you show off your incredible team, how do you show your portfolio of work, the services you offer or your products, etc. We have built thousands of websites and we’ve figured out how to do all of these things. Rather than making you reinvent the wheel, we’ll use our experience to set all the major design elements of your website and then customize it to your unique brand. This allows you to have a website that looks like a high-end hundred thousand dollar website, at a fraction of the cost.

How To Get A Modern Website Quickly

Understand Your Goals

In order to start getting sales through online efforts, you need to lay out who you want to sell to and why they should buy from you. This will let us assess what type of information you will need to use on your website to get your message across to your clients.For instance, if people mostly find you and do business through word of mouth, you would probably want your testimonials to be featured prominently as early and as often as possible.

Your New Website

You will be able to pick one of our Starter Showcase themes and we will rapidly get it styled to accurately represent your company. Your logo, colors, content and photos. All selected to rapidly get a site up that accurately shows who you are, who you service and why people should do business with you.

Pick a Marketing Plan

A website is just the first step. Now that you have this awesome website, how do you make sure people actually see it? How do you make sure you are getting results? This is exactly why we put together our SEO/Lead Generation and Marketing packages. Select one to go along with your Starter Showcase to get the best results.

Results, Results, Results

Once you have the Starter Showcase Website up and running and you have selected and started one of our marketing plans to help you get your online sales rolling, you will review the results with your campaign manager. The whole point is to get more sales. Your campaign manager will be reviewing the number of valid sales leads and/or sales you are getting through your online efforts.

We Make It Easy

Building a website doesn’t need to be a long and painful process. Our friendly staff will walk you through every step of the way, building your website based off experience and proven best practices to make your new site totally awesome.

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