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When selling to customers, sales teams look for ways to keep people interested and in communication. Video is a strong way to do this. We created the Stock Footage Explainer video as an affordable option to give you a 3 minute, professional video to communicate your message. It’s unique because less companies are doing these types of videos than others. They help with warming up prospects, training/recruiting staff and closing deals.

Our Process


Understanding Your Goals

We start with understanding your marketing goals and will discuss how video might be a good option to include in your marekting strategy.


Launch Call

The Project Manager will reach out to you, explain the process of the project and get all the information they will need for the project from you.


Script Writing

Your Project Manager then works with the script writers to write a great script to clearly communicate your company, product or service.



Once the script is finalized we will then get the voice over done with one of our professional voice over artists and get into editing.



The video is edited with stock clips that help contribute to the communication of the video.



We go through the video with you, make any final adjustments and get the “Thumbs Up”. We then send you a high resolution version of the video, plus a web compressed version that can be implemented anywhere online that you want to put it.

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Answers to Common
Stock Footage Explainer Video Questions

How long should my video be?

We recommend that you do a video no longer than 3 minutes. We have found that anywhere from 2-3 minutes gives you enough time to engage the viewer, interest them in your product or service and then direct them to take the action that you want them to take. If you want one that is longer, that is fine, we will just add an additional price and quote it individually.

How long does it take?

As long as you are responsive to the communication we send, we expect the videos to take anywhere from 3-4 weeks. If you are unavailable for long periods, then it can add time, but we find that 3-4 weeks covers the bulk of most projects.

I have more questions. What do I do?

We recommend you Schedule a Call with one of our marketing specialists who will be more than happy to talk with you about your options and get you a quote.

What is the price for this video?

There is a wide range of costs for these types of videos out there. We charge $4,000 for a video that is up to 3 minutes, which includes the consultation, script writing, voice over, editing (up to 2 rounds of edits) and sending you the high resolution final version of the video.

How does video help me?

Video is used by a lot of companies to clearly communicate to people who you are and what you do. In the visual age that we are in, it’s important to use video to help attract, interest and sell more people on your products and services. Your videos can be used on your website, in online proposals, sent as links to clients through email, etc.