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When You Need Several Hours Of Website Updates, We Have You Covered

Support Projects Are One Time Projects For Those Times When You Just Need Some Updates Done Beyond A Couple Hours

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Your Business is Constantly Changing, Is Your Website Changing Too?  
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Keeping your website fresh is vital today. More than ever, people will check out your website and just you based on their first impression. You need to make sure that your website correctly reflects all the services that you offer and is updated regularly. Doing these regular updates ensures that you are putting your best foot forward with your potential customers.

When you need a number of tweaks or changes done, which go beyond the hour(s) covered in your Support Plan, we are happy to do it as a Support Project. Schedule a call today to talk with one of our web experts about how to do this.

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Launching Your Project

You Project Manager will review the specific list of changes that was provided to the Sales Team when your project was quoted. They usually do this before the call to ensure that we make good use of your time. We will then get a quick questionnaire filled out with any other information the Project Manager will need to get rolling on your project.

Making the Changes

Our team of expert Designers (if needed) and Programmers will get to work on your list of changes, testing everything as they do it to ensure it was done correctly.  If it requires design, then the Design team will get the designs done and either implemented or sent to you (if design review is needed) and then implemented on the website when get the approval. These projects are usually done rapidly and the time frame will be based on how many changes we are doing.

Final Review and Tweaks

Your Project Manager will then give you a call and walk you through the project, showing you the list of changes that were done. If there are any last adjustments needed this is something that is done on the call (and if extensive, or beyond the Support Project pricing) then we will give a quote for any additional changes. We are more than happy to help you and here to get you the best product possible.

Project Completion

If the changes required a test website, then we will push the changes live and if done on the website (such as a handful of text changes and an image change) then they will now be active on the website and there for your visitors to see the updates. We do recommend that you get a new website or website refresh done periodically in order to stay current on what people expect from websites, but the Support Project is a great option for the time between rebuilds and extends the life of your existing website.

We Make It Easy

Building a website doesn’t need to be a long and painful process. Our friendly staff will walk you through every step of the way, building your website based off experience and proven best practices to make your new site totally awesome.

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