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Our Support Plan was created to help business owners with peace of mind regarding their website. This service means that we keep security maintained on the website, do any tweaks or changes to your website you want done and also includes hosting the website (keeping it live on the internet) for free.

What’s Included


Free Hosting

We host your site for FREE on this plan. We strongly encourage our clients to take advantage of this offer. A website that is properly updated and maintained can last up to 6-7 years without needing a rebuild. Sites that don’t get updated rarely last for more than 1-2 years before something ends up breaking on the site. Click here to see the full benefits of our hosting.



Nobody wants a slow website! You’ve got between 3 and 8 seconds to catch your visitor’s attention. Most visitors leave a webpage that doesn’t load within a reasonable time. Our Website Support Service is specifically set up to ensure your site loads as fast as possible.


Sleep better knowing your website is safe, our team takes security seriously. We have a tight layer of security that actively scans for malware and blocks hacking attempts. If your site is attacked, we have daily backups and can restore your site immediately.


Free SSL Certificate

Would you shop from an un-secured site? Nope! An SSL Certificate is needed for any sites that deal with selling products and payment details.


Full Updates

Let us handle all your updates for you. Usual hosting companies make updates to your core but they don’t handle plug-in updates. Yet, plug-ins require routine updates or they’ll start to malfunction and break your site. Our Support Plan includes full monthly updates on any plug-ins that need it.


Bug Fixes, Updates and Changes

Want to add an additional page, fix a bug, add services, projects or products. We’ve just made this a whole lot easier. With our Support Plan, you have a team of developers at your disposal (via phone or e-mail) for up to 1 hour of changes to your site every single month.

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See some of our recent custom web design projects. Getting a fresh website is only the first step in a full marketing plan.

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Answers to Common
Website Support Questions

How much does it cost?

Our Support Plan is only $100 per month and includes hosting your website for free. We do up to 1 hour of changes to your website per month, do security scans, backups and make sure that the site stays online, giving you peace of mind.

What if I’m hosting with someone else?

No problem. We are more than happy to move your website over to our servers at no additional cost. We take care of everything and ensure that there is little to no down time when we switch over your website (99% of transfers have no downtime at all and the 1% that do, it’s minimal).

I have more questions. What do I do?

We recommend you Schedule a Call with one of our marketing specialists who will be more than happy to talk with you about your options and get you a quote.

What if I want to do more than 1 hour of changes?

No problem! We can do additional updates to your website for a reasonable per hour fee when you are on our Support Plan. Anything much bigger, we will just quote on a project basis, which gives you, and us, predictability on the cost.

Does your service help ensure my website stays fast?

One of the big factors that contributes to load speed are the servers (computers) your website is on. We have found that our hosting is generally 60% faster than the other major players out there and pride ourselves of giving you great service.

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