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Top 5 Benefits of Creating Customized Websites

Your company is your world. Naturally, you’re proud of it, and you want your potential customers to see its value, too. But is your website causing you more harm than good?

Research shows that 38% of people will quit using a website if they view the layout as unattractive. And if your website is not user-friendly, this will only make matters worse.

If you’ve been relying on a website template up to this point, now may be a smart time to make a change to using a customized website. Here’s a rundown on the top five benefits of creating customized websites in 2019.

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1. Unique Website

When you use a site builder, you’re usually provided with a specific theme with which to work.

This theme will let you put various elements on your website pages in styles that are pre-set. So, even though you might feel like your site is unique, you’re actually restricted to your theme’s limitations.

The result? Your website will look like hundreds or maybe thousands of sites on the World Wide Web.

A custom site, on the other hand, doesn’t have a theme. Instead, your website’s architecture is developed to your business’s specifications.

As a result, you’ll have a unique website that will stand out from the competition.

2. Secure Website

When you use a website-building platform that already exists, this opens your site up to various vulnerabilities. However, if you use a company to build a custom website for you, you eliminate this security issue.

Part of the reason for this is that the company will use a proprietary source code that the public can’t access. This decreases your risk of experiencing a breach long term.

3. Functional Website

The great thing about creating a custom website is that you can optimize it for your company with ease.

For instance, you can build functions that will help your company processes. In addition, you can create the type of customer journey that will suit your company and customers. This means fewer visitor drop-offs and, in turn, a greater chance that your visitors will convert to customers.

The process of optimizing your website is often more expensive and complicated with an open-source content management system versus a custom website creator.

4. Speedy Website

The problem with content management systems is that they come with a large amount of functionality built in. While this may sound like a good thing, the reality is that you may not necessarily need it all.

The more functionality your platform has, the more complex your website may be to navigate. In addition, your website may take longer to load. And this is a big issue considering that research shows that nearly half of visitors will abandon websites that don’t load in three seconds or less.

Custom website building enables you to avoid functionality you don’t need and thus avoid these problems.

5. Scalable and Flexible Website

Another major problem with using a template for your website is that your website won’t be very flexible or scalable.

However, when you custom build your website, the company you hire can create your website with a focus on scalability. In other words, your website will be able to grow with your company. Plus, the site will be more flexible to use since you won’t have to deal with functionality you don’t need.

How We Can Help with Customized Websites

We offer top custom Web design services with the goal of helping your company to generate more sales this year.

We’ll start by working to understand your business’s goals when it comes to marketing and sales. Then, we’ll start building your website and finalize it only once you’re happy with it. It’s that simple.

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