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This page will walk you through managing your WordPress Blog.

Click the links below which will act as a table of contents.

WordPress Basics
Logging into Your Blog
Creating a New Blog Post
Editing a Blog Post
Inserting Links
Inserting Images
Inserting Videos
Scheduling Posts in the Future
SEO Basics

WordPress Basics

WordPress is the number one most used content management and blogging platform. Big companies like Sony Music, Fortune, Google Ventures and even celebrities like Rolling Stones use WordPress.

We focus on WordPress as it’s widely used, widely supported, strong in SEO and very simple to use. These articles will walk you through the basics of managing your WordPress plugin.

Our recommendation is that you blog regularly about things that will be helpful for the visitors of your website. This also helps establish you as an authority in your field.

Logging into Your WordPress Blog

The first thing you are going to have to do is login to your WordPress blog.

1. To login you will go to (you will notice that you simply add /wp-admin to the end of your blog and you will get to a login screen like this one:

Wordpress Login Screen

2. Enter the Username and Password you were provided and voila, you’re in.

Creating a New Blog Post

From the left hand side click on the “Posts” section and click “Add New”

Posts Section WordPress Screenshot

Editing a Blog Post

Click on the “Posts” section in the left menu bar, then hover over the blog that you wish to edit and click the “Edit” button.

Edit Blog Post WordPress

After selecting the “Post” that you wish to Edit, highlight the text you wish to link and click on the “link button” in the header.Add Link WordPress

Fill in the information on the pop up and click “Add link”:

Link Pop Up WordPress

Note: If you are adding a link to an outside website,  it is recommend that you click “Open link in a new tab”. If you are linking to a page in your own site, leave it unchecked.

Inserting Images

Just below the title of the blog, click on the button “Add Media”

Add Media WordPress

1.Click the “Uploads” tab (this allows you to use any media from your own computer).

2. Click “Select Files”.

3 Insert into post.

Upload Image

Inserting Videos

Although you can upload videos following the steps listed above from the “Inserting Images” Section, it is not recommended (slows down your site and uses up resources). We recommend using third party video sources like YouTube.

Find the video you wish to post via YouTube

1. Click “Share”

2. Click “Embed”

3. Copy the link information that is highlighted on the YouTube Channel

YouTube Embed WordPress

Next, back on the post, click the “Text” tab (used for manipulating code) and paste the link you copied from Youtube like this:Add YouTube Code WordPress

It will then appear on the “Visual” tab like this:

YouTube Video Added WordPress

Scheduling Posts in the Future

On the right hand side of the WordPress post you will see a section called “Publish”.

1. Click on the “Edit” text next to “Publish immediately”.

2. Set the date which you want the post to be published.

3. Click the “Schedule” button.

Scheduling Post

SEO Basics

Search Engines know what to show up based on the relevancy of the content on a page. So this means that we need to use the words you want to show up for in the text. This is definitely not the only thing involved, it’s just an important basic to know when blogging.

So for the purposes of your blog, ensure you write good titles for you blogs and on some of them include the keywords you want to show up for in the title and the first paragraph of the article. If the the article is longer you can include it later in the article as well.

The most important thing is to provide good, helpful content for people, but ensuring you use those basics is good too.

Enjoy blogging!

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