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What is a CMS?

What is a CMS?

CMS stands for “Content Management System”.
This is a program that lets you edit the content on your website without having a programming knowledge.

You need to have someone who is a Web Developer who has the coding expertise necessary to build your site using the Content Management System. This will let you switch out photos, change text, create new pages, new blog posts and many other things without having to know anything about various programing languages. It ends up being more like editing a word document instead of coding.

We had built many websites in WordPress (most popular CMS) over the years and after finding consistent problems with it, have built our own CMS (https://GrandCentr.al

Some of the problems we see in CMSes out there:

  • Requires you to add a lot of software from other programmers, which isn’t always reliable.
  • Website hacking.
  • Complexity in managing your website.
  • Limitation in functions.
  • Slow load speed.
  • Many different interfaces to learn, making it not intuitive.
  • Having to contact several different support teams since the software is built from many people.

We launched our own technology and have found some interesting facts:

  • We were able to cut the average time to get a website live by 75%.
  • Our websites typically load 2 – 10X as fast as a comparable website on other CMSes.
  • Our websites maintain fast load times due to our process of automated optimization combined with our highly specialized support, technical and design staff backing your website.

What are some things you should look for in a CMS?

(Note: We built all these into our own custom CMS)

  • Easily manage content on your website.
  • See your website analytics.
  • Add videos to your website.
  • Track any email newsletter subscribers.
  • Add pages to the website.
  • Add blog posts to your website.
  • Set up landing pages on your website to target specific products or service.
  • Be fully mobile friendly.

After thousands of websites and more than a decade of building websites, we decided it was time to invest in building our own technology that would allow us to better service our customers with a very simple set of tools, just giving them exactly what they needed, with the million options they don’t need.

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