What is Responsive Design?

There are hundreds of millions of devices worldwide  that are ready to access your website in a second’s notice. Phones, tablets, computers, etc.  They are all readily available to the public, and believe me, they want to use them. People who own a Smartphone/Tablet spend an average of 2-3 hours a day on them, multiply that by 100 million… and you’ve got a TON of time to get your business noticed. All it takes is for someone to hear the name of your business, and they can whip out their phone/tablet and enter the name. Just like that.

Responsive design is probably one of the most important marketing aspects of your website and business, especially in today’s day and age.  Responsive Design is essentially making your website adapt to the screen that someone is using to view your site. It allows your website to not only look amazing on tablets and phones, but it also allows the website to have user-friendly features, making it a fun and easy to use on any of these devices.

Here is a portion of the website to show you what it would look like as a site and responsive:

Starbucks - example of good responsive website design

A person’s attention span is close to 0 when encountering a navigation or information issue using a phone/tablet. If they have a problem with anything on the website, they will most likely give up on the spot. You’ve done it (Don’t lie, I know you have) and I’ve done it. Our time is very precious, and we don’t want to spend our time trying to navigate what seems like a minefield… full of inconveniences.

A good, responsive design is vital to your Mobile Marketing and more importantly, your Business. It will make a big difference if you have a user friendly scheme for Phones/Tablets.

People spend a lot of time on their Smartphones/Tablets… so why not take advantage of that and create an amazing opportunity to get your business’ name out there, and looking awesome at the same time?


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