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What People Still Get Wrong About SEO

For any business operating in the digital age, online marketing plays an important role. In fact, 41% of marketing firms used search engine optimization in 2016. But even if you logically know how effective these tactics can be, you still might not fully grasp how SEO works or the benefits it can have for your organization.

Because SEO is complicated, mysterious, and evolves rapidly, there are a lot of misconceptions about this type of digital marketing. It’s important to set the record straight in order for you to get the most out of your premium SEO services. Here are a few things many people still get wrong about SEO.

Only Keywords Matter

Keyword selection and targeting are essential parts of any SEO strategy. But they aren’t the only aspect of SEO that matters. If you try to fit as many keywords as possible into a piece of content, you could end up hurting your website in the end. Not only can Google pick up on keyword stuffing, but human website visitors will also sense something’s off. And if you care only about how your keyword rankings are progressing in Google search results, you might actually miss out on some equally important components of SEO that could make a big difference in your traffic, leads, and conversions. Although keywords matter, they aren’t the only aspect you need to keep in mind when creating or monitoring your campaigns.

SEO Strategies Take Too Long

Many SEO firms hear this idea from prospective clients, some of whom might be looking for overnight results. Very few digital marketing strategies will provide instant success, and those that do aren’t likely to offer longevity. It’s certainly true that SEO is designed to be a long-term growth strategy and that you may not start to see real results for at least a few months. However, it’s well worth the investment of building your brand visibility over time. If you don’t want your business to be a flash in the pan, you need to embrace a marketing strategy that will give you staying power. If you exercise your patience — and potentially supplement with something like PPC in the meantime — you’ll be able to reap the rewards.

You Can Handle SEO On Your Own

There’s a pervasive thought that you should be able to DIY your marketing. And while it’s technically true that you can implement some SEO services without any help, it’s not necessarily advisable. Because SEO is complex, it’s easy to make a mistake. And even if you do everything right, it’s extremely difficult to keep up with content creation, link building, website optimization, and other SEO services while juggling all of your other responsibilities. If you don’t want your marketing to suffer, it’s a good idea to get help with your SEO services from a professional firm. That way, you can focus on your operations and still know that your campaigns will continue to run as they should.

Now that you know the truth behind these SEO beliefs, there’s no better time to bolster your marketing campaigns. For more on how Studio98 will take your business to the next level, please contact our team today.