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Content Writing

Content Writing

Everyone knows that websites need to have a “Wow” factor in terms of the visuals and photos that are used in it.

But what about the actual written content? The photos, colors, and design elements are to set the stage for the actual communication written on the website.

If someone gets drawn in by stunning visuals but then can’t really see who you are or what you do…well, let’s just say your “Wow” factor might still be there, but in a bad way….

We understand that writing the content for your website might not be your strongest suit. We are constantly asked to help rewrite the content on a website to make it “pop” or to use language that will communicate to millennials or some other similar request.

Part of every project includes our project manager reviewing your existing website content and making sure that you have the following points in:

All of the needed content is actually on the site. All relevant data about your target market, your services, etc. All of it needs to be clearly represented.

We will then ensure that the visuals you are using on the site reinforce and are in alignment with your written content. This helps quickly communicate even if someone just glances at the page.

All of the content is written for actual people. Not overly technical or overly “salesy”. It should be written to communicate clearly and easily to your audience.

We will also get an understanding of what you are trying to show up for with any SEO efforts you are doing and ensure that the content on your site is optimized to help you meet these goals as well.

We will help you rewrite and edit as needed to ensure that your content fits the above guidelines. This can include taking a basic concept from you or your team and filling out a whole page on it or reducing a large technical description down to plain English for your readers.

Whatever you need to ensure your content fits these guidelines, we’ll help you get it done.

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