Studio 98

Goals, Achieved.

We increase revenue & profits with proven consulting services for honest businesses who create positive change in the world.


Grow Your Revenue With Our Services

As owners and entrepreneurs ourselves we walked millions of miles in your shoes. You won’t need to explain how hard it is to raise a family and run the company and pay the bills and hire and fire people – because the soles of our shoes are still dusty from walking down your road. Today, we only offer services that we already spent our own money on. Let’s start talking about your better life.

Sales & Marketing Services

We develop sales strategies that work and pair them with marketing actions that connect you to your customers and create more sales.

Organizational Consulting

Establishing the authority in your business will create order, allowing it to function efficiently and profitably. We call it Authority, Order, Function and Profit.

Procedural Consulting

Are you “winning” with a project board full of unfinished cycles, or a storeroom filled with inventory? Would you trade these for a bank account filled with money?

S98 Software

Our software solutions are so good we use them ourselves. Business management, CRM, reporting, eCommerce, sales training, tracking…are all available to our customers.

Operational Consulting

Understanding, then defining the flow and cadence of your company is the key to releasing growth. Do you (& your staff) have clear processes?

Custom Software

Running and knowing your business might be totally unique. Our expert team will help you define, develop, and create the perfect fully custom solution.

Our Company Of Brands

Rave Retailer brand of Studio 98

Manage your business. Not your technology. Rave Retailer is a full eCommerce platform that includes a dedicated account manager, unlike Shopify, so you are never left out in the cold on how to drive more sales.

GrandCentral brand of Studio 98

Are you tired of jumping between multiple platforms and complex tools to run your business? helps you manage everything from your CRM and billing to project management and support ticketing.

FastGrowth brand of Studio 98

Designed to drive activity. Everything you need. Nothing you don’t. Fast Growth helps provide the path and funnel for remote sales teams to drive their sales activities and get more results.



We have a results based consultative approach. We want to build a real relationship with you and truly help you grow. In business? Yes. In life? So much yes. Because we don’t believe that business and life are two separate entities dancing around your success. If you truly succeed in business you will succeed in life, and vice versa.

And by extension, and the ripples we may never personally see, that’s how we change the world.

Studio 98 Succes Results