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Whether you need help with an SEO campaign, a custom website design or any other marketing or promotion activity, we have specialists that can help boom your company. 

Expert Digital Marketing and SEO Services

I wish I had a visual of our old site...because what we have now is night and day. In a complex industry, the team at Studio98 did a fabulous job helping us lay out a straightforward approach that was a blend of information and visuals. Business is up...Studio98 has been a key part of driving that especially with their more advanced traffic driving knowledge. Really helped us cut through the clutter to reach the audiences we desire.


It's been less than 3 months and the sales that are coming from PPC are almost too much to handle. Thank you for everything.


I found your team to be professional, responsive and committed to listening and incorporating our needs and wants. I've managed several website projects over the years, and I found this one to be smooth, timely and on-budget -- ideal!



If your website doesn’t communicate well, it won’t help you generate any sales.

Our staff have built thousands of websites and can easily help you walk through the rebuild process whether you are just freshening up your site or doing a complete overhaul. Getting your website correctly representing your business and making sure you have an easy way to collect emails and get phone calls on your site will help you generate more income right away.

We’ve Got You Covered

We create strategies for any type of business

Strategy PAckages


Just getting started and looking for SEO service companies that can help? You need to find your audience and make yourself known as rapidly and effectively as possible. Our Startup Strategy helps you do just that.

Small Businesses

Looking to get more clients and revenue for your small business? You need to promote heavily and then organize to handle the incoming leads to generate sustainable sales increase. Our Small Business Strategy can help you get there. 

Medium Businesses

As a medium sized business you have conquered a lot of the challenges facing startups and smaller companies. But getting your sales and revenue to keep on increasing can be a challenge. Our Medium Business Strategy helps you to reinforce and grow your existing successful actions to take your sales to the next level. 

Custom Strategy

Much larger companies or companies in unique circumstances can face unique challenges and more of them. For businesses like these we offer custom consulting and planning to tailor a solution to your needs to get the results you want. 

our services

Website Building

Whether you need a custom website designed from scratch, or a simple website refresh, we can help ensure it’s built using proven techniques to help increase leads and sales. 

Hosting and Support

Every website needs a home. We offer fast and secure hosting, as well as support service so you don’t have to learn code to make adjustments to your site. 

Paid Advertising

Platforms like Google, Facebook and Instagram offer you opportunities to advertise to your exact target market. We have the expertise to help get your campaigns set up and helping to produce sales rapidly. 



Showing up as the #1 result for a search on Google can mean all the difference in acquiring leads or closing business. Our digital marketing and SEO services help you do just that.


A large part of marketing and advertising is copywriting. What to say and how to say it. Our writers have worked on thousands of sites and campaigns and can help you craft a message that helps bring new business in the door. 

Email marketing

Communicating to your prospects and customers is the #1 successful action you can do to increase sales and revenue. We help you generate lists, manage them and run your mailing campaigns. 

Video Marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how valuable is video?We can film video of your business, customers, products or whatever is needed to help market and sell your services. 

Market research

“Know before you go” is a datum you’ll hear repeated a lot at Studio98. If you know what your public consider important and why they buy, it’s much easier to promote and market to effectively increase sales. 

Marketing evaluation

While we offer a free analysis to all prospects and customers, our Marketing Evaluation service is much more in-depth. Including Market Research and a thorough inspection of every part of your business, we’re able to tailor-make a program to skyrocket your sales and profit. 

Cold email campaigns

Sometimes reaching new prospects can be a daunting task. We have years of experience in helping to generate leads and sales with Cold Email Campaigns for B2B businesses. 

Social Media

As social media becomes more and more a part of our world, it also becomes a better and better avenue to reach your potential prospects with targeted communication. Since communication leads directly to sales, this service should definitely affect your bottom line. 

Custom Software & Mobile Apps

How you organize your business to sell and deliver can have just as much impact on your profits as a good sales campaign. We’ve had over a decade of experience creating custom software including business management systems and CRMs as well as mobile apps to help businesses operate more profitably.  

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