Optimized Websites to Increase Your Digital Presence

A powerful website is no longer a luxury in this digital age, but rather a requirement. Stats show that over 70% of businesses have websites. As a result, creating a well-optimized website that perfectly aligns with your brand values and target audience is vital for business longevity.

At Studio98, we know that your website serves as the virtual face of your brand. Our team uses a collaborative approach to incorporate your brand identity into every aspect of your website.

Our Website Package Benefits

  • Dedicated team: Get a team of web designers and developers to build websites that look great and load fast.
  • Hosting: Our hosting service guarantees that your website is hosted on high-speed servers, and we monitor your website’s uptime closely to ensure it remains accessible to your visitors.
  • Support Plan: Making sure that your website is up-to-date, secure and operating at peak performance is extremely important. Our Support Plan ensures your website stays updated as your business is making changes.

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Purpose of our Websites

To provide your businesses with visually appealing websites based on best practices which have been distilled from years of building thousands of websites. We work with you to ensure your brand and content correctly communicates what your company does, your products and services, target audience, the problems you solve, and what sets your company apart.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver an outstanding website within an efficient timeframe. We’re excited to work with you to fulfill your project promptly.

Establishing an Online Presence

A well-crafted website offers a platform to showcase your offerings and engage with potential customers. Studio98’s starter showcase can help newly founded businesses establish a robust online presence.

Effective Communication

Websites are the primary communication channel between businesses and potential customers, so they should quickly convey your core messages to your audience. Through thoughtful design and compelling content, we ensure your website communicates your brand story, values, and unique selling propositions.

Building Credibility and Trust

As your virtual identity, websites are vital in helping you build trust. Studies show that 75% of people judge the reliability of a business based on its website. By showcasing your offerings professionally and engagingly, we help your business showcase credibility and stand out.

Supporting Business Objectives

Whether you aim to generate leads, drive sales, or build brand awareness, our website templates can support and amplify your specific goals. This helps your business thrive in a competitive marketplace.

User-Centric Experience

According to Experience Dynamics, nearly 80% of customers will move to another site if the website is not optimized. To ensure the best user experience for your website, we prioritize creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that offer seamless navigation.

Collaboration and Partnership

Your ability to attract, grow, and retain clients will be at the heart of our website process. Our Project Manager will collaborate with you to choose a template that aligns with your needs.

Our Proven Approach – What’s in Store for You?

Your Project Manager will walk you through the following steps to get you a professional looking website that loads fast and looks good across major devices:

Call Preparation

Your Project Manager will reach out to schedule your Start Call.

Prior to the call, they will review your contract and familiarize themselves with your company and any existing website.

Start Call

Meet your Project Manager!

Their job is to direct and facilitate your website project to ensure a smooth and successful outcome.

They will be discussing/reviewing several key aspects with you. These include:

  • The Process: They will explain the overall process for the project as covered in this contract.
  • Template Presentation: They will review our template library with you and help you choose the best template for your website.
  • Content Discussion: They will collect the content from you that accurately reflects your brand and messaging which will go on your website.

Based on mutual availability, we aim for the Start Call to be within 48 hours.

Test Website Set-Up

Based on the information from your Start Call, your Project Manager will then set up the template chosen, update the look and feel to match your brand and fill in your content. This will be put on a test link so that you can review it before going live.


You will be provided the link to the test website so that you can provide 1 round of any revisions you would like done.

Your list can include any number of changes needed to the following:

  • Colors
  • Media (Images, videos, icons)
  • Text
  • Contact form fields and settings
  • Reorganization or duplication of existing sections

Important: All revisions must be submitted at one time in an email, document, or shared folder. Additional revisions are subject to hourly charges.

Going Live

Once all changes have been made, you will be notified and your Project Manager will work with you to get the website live. Any final payment for the project will be collected before making the site live.

Prior to launch, we will carefully review your page using a comprehensive checklist that includes more than 20 points. This includes (1) reviewing the code to ensure it adheres to industry best practices, (2) conducting a speed test to ensure the website loads quickly, and (3) performing a final responsive check to ensure it looks great on all devices, including mobile devices.

Website Support and Hosting

Your relationship with us will continue after the website goes live when you choose our Support Plan. This popular option includes free website hosting support and ongoing updates for your website. With our hosting services, your website loads quickly and protects against potential threats. You can contact your Sales Rep for detailed information regarding the pricing and availability.

If you prefer to host your website elsewhere, we can provide all the necessary files and instructions to pass along to your designated provider.

Other Services to Grow Your Business

Search Engine Optimization

Having a visually appealing website is just the first step toward online success. With comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, you can improve your website’s rankings and increase its visibility.

Paid Advertising

Take a proactive approach to boost your online visibility and generate qualified leads with our Paid Advertising services. We can create compelling ad campaigns by leveraging advanced targeting options, precise audience segmentation, and strategic bidding techniques.

Email Marketing

Leverage the power of emails to keep potential customers informed about your products, services, and industry updates. We will work closely with you to develop engaging, personalized email campaigns that resonate with your target audience.