Achieve Your Business Goals

At Studio98, the focus is on your business. Your company is unique, with its own set of challenges. While creativity and innovation are undoubtedly important, efficiency and effectiveness of operations determine a company’s profitability, growth, and overall success.

In fact, studies show that optimizing operations helps lead to more success. For example, one study revealed that companies that streamlined operations reported a 3-5% reduction in operating costs and a 10-20% improvement in productivity. However, achieving these results often requires external experts who understand your business.

 To gain a deep understanding of your specific challenges, our team of expert consultants works closely with your teams. Together, we uncover foundational truths for each area of your company and develop customized solutions to address areas that need improvement. The goal is to help you optimize your operations and achieve your business objectives. 

Why Operational Consulting is Critical for Business Success

Improves efficiency: Identifying inefficiencies in operations allows you to implement strategies to optimize them and positively impact outcomes. By increasing efficiency you can save both time and money, and allocate resources more effectively.

Boosts profitability: Optimizing operations will help you reduce costs and increase productivity, which improves overall profitability. By increasing profitability you can achieve your business goals more quickly and grow your bottom line.

Enhances customer satisfaction: Operational consulting identifies areas for improving the quality of your products or services. This allows you to achieve greater customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are key to long-term success.

Stay ahead of the competition: In today’s fast-paced business environment, you must continuously improve  operations to stay ahead of the competition. Operational consulting provides the tools you need to maintain a competitive edge.

Adapts to changing market conditions: As market conditions change, your business must be able to adapt quickly. Operational consulting helps you identify opportunities and implement strategies to capitalize on them.

The Process

Operational consulting is all about helping address your unique business needs. The process invovles collaboration with your teams and ours through a customized, but sytematic approach using the following steps:

Call Preparation

It starts with a review of your website and overall digital presence to gain an understanding of your company. Then we schedule a call at a time that is convenient for you.


During the initial call you will meet our experienced consulting team, who will work with you throughout the process. You will discover each team member’s expertise.  You will also share details about yourself and your business through detailed questions about your operations, challenges, and goals. This allows us to thoroughly understand your current state and identify areas where we can help.

Solution Development

Next is an in depth analysis of your business operations to develop customized solutions tailored to your needs and goals. This is a rigorous process. It involves identifying pain points, defining goals, brainstorming solutions, evaluating options, and developing a plan. You will work closely with us to ensure our solutions align with your goals and objectives and that they are practical and feasible.

Scope of Services

With expert guidance, you will discover a range of business areas that will help you reach your goals. You will define your “one truth” for areas such as financial comprehension, product and service development and pricing, analytics and reporting, procedural development, software selection and implementation, and customer service and retention.


Your team and ours will collaborate to implement customized solutions that address your specific needs and goals. This collaborative process involves defining a clear implementation plan with timelines, milestones, and deliverables. Our professionals help you monitor progress, identify and address issues, and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the implementation process is on track.


After implementation, your relationship with us continues as we monitor the effectiveness of the solutions, and adjust the process as needed to ensure that you achieve your desired outcomes. This proactive and data-driven monitoring and adjustment process is focused on continuous improvement. Using a range of tools and techniques, we gather and analyze data on key performance indicators (KPIs), and maintain open lines of communication with your team, providing regular reports on progress and discussing any issues or concerns.

Specialized Expertise to Drive Business Success

Financial Analysis and Planning

Benchmarking your business against critical industry indicators offers guidance on performance. These metrics roll into financial reporting, budgeting, and forecasting.

Procedural Development

Developing and implementing practical procedures is vital for the success of a business. We help you develop procedures to optimize your workflows, improve your team’s performance, and enhance your overall business operations.

Product and Service Development and Pricing

Marketable and profitable products and services drive top line growth. We provide strategic guidance on product and service development and pricing analysis to ensure you are scaling profitably in order to meet your goals.

Software Selection and Implementation

Selecting and implementing the right software solutions to support your business operations is critical to success. We help you with selection, implementation, and training  to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed.

Analytics and Reporting

Reports and analytics provid the information you need to make critical decisions in your business. We develop customized reporting and analytics solutions that provide valuable insights into your business operations. With the help of these reports, you can identify opportunities for improvement and achieve operational excellence.

Customer Service and Retention

Providing excellent customer service is key to attracting and retaining customers or clients. It requires thought and intention, and having a roadmap makes it easier to achieve this goal. We work with you to develop customer service and retention strategies that will also help you get more 5-star reviews and retain valuable customers.

Additional Services to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Business Consulting

Thrive with Studio98’s Business Consulting. Expert guidance for growth, efficiency, and success. Tailored strategies for your unique challenges.

Procedural Consulting

Optimize your business processes with Studio98’s Procedural Consulting for enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and competitive advantage.

Organizational Consulting

Studio98’s expert Organizational Consulting optimizes your business for success. Tailored strategies for efficiency, growth, and competitive advantage.