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Operational Consulting

At Studio98 we say “creation is ugly.” While absolutely true, operating the business is where the rubber meets the road. Operational development is based on understanding foundational truths for each area of the business. Once these truths are uncovered and defined, running the company is about honestly looking at the internal outcomes and correcting the problems and deepening the wins.

Financial Comprehension

You don’t need to be a financial expert to run most companies, but you do need a good grasp of the basics (Balance Sheet, P/L, Cashflows). Each industry has a handful of critical indicators. We help you benchmark your business against these indicators.

Product & Service Development & Pricing

Do your staff, customers, and prospective customers know exactly what the company has to offer and at what price? Clarity and definition will create growth and profitability.

Analytics & Reporting

How do you make decisions for your business? Are they based on data or emotion? Data helps you discover and understand your unique historical patterns which help predict & improve performance in the future.

Procedural Development

Defining the one truth to produce repeatable outcomes is the key to any procedure. Breaking down the process into duplicatable steps for staff is the key to winning and freedom.

Software Selection & Implementation

The software that companies use, and the degree it is committed to is the single most defining thing driving company behavior. We provide experienced research, thorough documentation and complete implementation services.

Customer Service & Retention

Customers have more options than they can consider, with less time for consideration. Once you get them, you’d better keep them! We know how to design systems for customer service, customer retention and positive 5-star reviews.