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How the process goes in getting a Showcase built

How the process goes in getting a Showcase built

The first thing that will happen once you’ve purchased your Starter Showcase, is that you will receive an email introducing you to your Project Manager.

The Project Manager is going to be the one getting your website built and is your point of contact for the delivery of your website.

You’ll get an email from your Project Manager and he or she will set up a time for you to have a call and talk about you, your company and your website.

At the time of the call, you will get a link in your email inviting you to a screen share so that you and your Project Manager can refer back to your old site and you can see the same thing that the Project Manager is looking at. You will be asked a lot of questions.

Then, the Project Manager gets to work. They will get with their team and start coordinating on getting your website DONE. Actually, providing that the Project Manager has everything they need, this can take as little as just a few days to do.

The Project Manager will ask you everything he will need to in order to get rolling on building your site as well as get any content changes from you that you would like to see implemented. If there is new content or you already have images that you want to use on your new website, the Project Manager will want you to send them to him or her during that first call.

Once the site has been built, the Project Manager will get you on another screen share and walk you through the website. This time, with a Developer on standby, so that as you look at the site and want to make any tweaks and changes, they can be done right there on the call without a delay. By the end of the call, the Project Manager will have made all the tweaks and changes you specified and your site is ready to Launch!