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Website Meets Customization.
Want Perfection? Get Custom Web Design 

Most Website and Marketing Companies have 1-3 staff and have a handful of clients. Studio98 has been in business for more than 12 years, has over 40 full time staff and services more than 1500 clients monthly. From simple websites to large eCommerce stores and client portals to custom software to manage your whole organization, we have you covered. We have specialists in each aspect of building fully custom websites.

How We Work.

Understand Your Goals

We begin the process with understanding your goals, getting to know more about you and what is important to you. We will talk through your existing marketing and sales efforts to understand how we can help reinforce those and bring to the table things that you are not currently doing. This is only possible due to the wide range of services that we have staff specialize in and the thousands of projects we have done and clients we serve on a monthly basis.

Launch and Design

Now that we understand what is important to you and how we can back up your efforts, we will start with building a website (and get rolling on your marketing services if you are doing that simultaneously). Based on the type of project we are doing, we will go through a Design Phase where we will show you what the overall structure of the site will look like in graphic form, make any adjustments until you are totally happy with it and then move to the next phase.

Building the Site

We will take the finalized designs and expertly turn them into a fully functioning website. This is a separate test website which allows us to work on it and you see it before we ever have to replace your existing website. We will bring over any existing content that is still valid and are more than happy to offer our Content Writing Services for any content that you want us to write for you. This ensures you have a website that is exactly tailored to you and not just based on some cheap template that you hope to make work for you.

Project Completion

Once all of the content has been entered we will do a final walkthrough with you, making any changes until you are totally happy with the website. The end result is that you should have a great website, which communicates exactly who you are as a company, clearly says what you do, what problems you solve and directs people to take the action you want them to take (call you, fill out a form, etc). We then go through a checklist of more than 20 points to ensure your website is in the best possible shape and then will get your website live (if we are hosting it) or provide the files needed to your team to get it live if you have your own team that you want to handle it.

What We Need From You

1. Involvement from anyone in your team that has input into the decision making process.

2. Data from you on the Launch Call with the Project Manager to make sure the right goals are set for the project.

3. Content from you to ensure that we really nail the goals for the site and that it will fit your needs exactly. (We can offer our content writing services for anyone that needs help with the content).

4. Doing the final walk-through and testing to ensure any bugs are worked out and everything is set up to really create a “Wow” factor for any visitors to your site

You have a great company, shouldn’t your website be great too?

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