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Most custom web designers and marketing companies have 1-3 staff and have a handful of clients. Studio98 has been in business for more than 12 years, has over 40 full time staff and services more than 1500 clients monthly. From simple web design services to large eCommerce stores and client portals to manage your whole organization, we have you covered. We have specialists in each aspect of website building and customization. We focus on understanding your specific needs and custom designing a website to achieve your goals. 

Our Process


Launch Call

Once you sign up we’ll get your project started with a launch call. The purpose of this call will be to ensure you understand the process we will be going through so we can work together to ensure that your new website is perfectly customized to your needs. 


Understanding Your Goals

Once we’ve gone over the process, the rest of the launch call will be focused on understanding your goals. We’re going to need to know about your existing marketing and sales efforts. We’ll go over what’s working and what isn’t as well as how your website should be factoring in to your strategy. This will help us lay out the exact goals for your new website. 


Design Phase

In designing a custom website, we want to make sure the visual design is in perfect alignment with what the goals are for your website. We’ll create a mockup before loading in all of the content and show it to you. We’ll go over colors and general website flow before building the site to ensure everything is laid out to achieve the goals gone over in the launch call. 


Convert Design

Once you approve the design, we do what we call a website conversion. We’ll take the visual layout and turn it into a working website. We’ll create every page needed for the site as well as any menus and navigation.  Our programmers ensure that the site looks good and matches the designs.


Content and Functionality

Now that all of the pages are created, we’ll ensure that we include any relevant content from your previous site. If you are rebranding or adding new content to the website we will also help get this correctly implemented in the new site. Our Project Managers will also help you select any needed stock photos to portray the right communication to your audience.  We then get this all loaded into the website we are building.


Final Walkthrough and Go Live!

Once finished, we’ll do a final walkthrough with you to ensure that the site achieves the goals gone over in the launch call. We’ll do any final adjustments if needed and get your approval to go “live”. As soon as we have that go-ahead we do our our “Go Live Checklist”. This is over 20 points we go through to make sure all SEO data is captured from your previous site to help maintain your rankings on search engines. We’ll launch your website and talk to you about how to move forward with online marketing!

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Answers to Common
Custom Web Design Questions

How is Custom Web Design different than a template website?

Template websites are created to give a general structure or look for a website that can be applied to many other websites. Some companies call websites “custom” when they are actually taking a template and making some changes to it. When we say custom web design, we are talking about a website that was actually built from the ground up for you.

Will I be able to make changes myself?

Yes. We build websites on WordPress and this will allow you to manage the website going forward if you want. We have built websites in many other platforms and generally recommend WordPress as it’s the best experience for you as a customer.

How long does it take to build a new website?

Most custom websites will take 1-2 months to complete. This will vary depending on what we are actually going to be doing for your website. We recommend you Schedule a Call with one of our website specialists. They will do a free consultation with you and get you an exact quote and an estimated time frame for your project.

Do I actually need a custom website? 

If you have been searching for a website that you like and haven’t been able to find one, or you find yourself making notes on many different sites for things you’d love to include in yours, you probably need to look into custom web design. Remember that your website is going to be a hub for your marketing efforts, not just a pretty design.  One of our website specialists will be more than happy to talk with you about your situation and help you determine which type of website would be the best option for you.

I want to show up in Google. Will the new website help me with that?

It’s possible that building your new website can help you with improving your rankings in the search engines, depending on how your previous website was built. With search engines, there are hundreds of things that influence your rankings in the search engines. If this is important to you, we recommend you also look into our Search Engine Optimization service.