I am really excited about his new site we are building and how it really allows me to run the business that I have.


I found your team to be professional, responsive and committed to listening and incorporating our needs and wants. I’ve managed several website projects over the years, and I found this one to be smooth, timely and on-budget — ideal!


Studio98 was professional and easy to work with. The pricing was very competitive, and they were able to get my website done on time while also offering helpful, creative ideas during the development process. I would highly recommend Studio98 to anybody in need of a website.


This was such amazing service, way beyond expectation. Happy Christmas!!!


As consultants and programmers, we understand the importance of quality client service and coding extremely well. Studio98 invests the time to understand the business of each client to get SEO right and delivers responsive, custom, and state of the art websites. The Team at Studio98, has proven to be a pleasure to work with as we continue to build our web presence and a truly rewarding business relationship. Thanks again from our team to your team.


We really appreciate the passion that you guys have when it comes to working with us and making our company grow, it show’s that you really care about us.


Studio98 was professional and easy to work with. The pricing was very competitive, and they were able to get my website done on time while also offering helpful, creative ideas during the development process. I would highly recommend Studio98 to anybody in need of a website.


ASM Educational Center (ASM) is a family-owned and operated Training Company that has been in operations for 23+ years in Great Washington DC Metropolitan Area. We do not do any type of advertisement. Our clients come to us via our website and word of mouth. As such our website plays a very important role. Our former website even though functional, it had an old style look to it. As a company we wanted to focus on our international segment of our business but I knew that we needed to “remodel” our website. We also wanted to further expand our current training offer to Oil and Gas Industry and I knew that our website was the key to show the breath of our offering to that industry as well as Cybersecurity. Initially I had hired an “overseas” company to do the work since it was a country that we had a business relationship with. Unfortunately, that did not work as there were many promises that were made but not fulfilled. Finally, I decided to engage an American-based company. I received an email from Studio98. I contacted Studio98 and I was pleasantly surprised how our initial conversation was very easy. During our call, I did not feel I was speaking to a “pushy” sales person and that scored big with me. I had few other conversations with Studio98 team to make sure they understood the objective of our family-business and the importance of this site for us. Once we signed the contract (simple and straightforward), we had a project manager assigned to our site. She was very pleasant and professional. As a matter of fact, I have yet come across anyone from Studio98 that has not been extremely positive, pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. But my HERO at Studio98 was the COO! I will never ever forget how he personally took on this task during the Christmas Holiday and New Year! We were working 16/18 hours a day to meet the deadline of having the site up and running by beginning of the New Year (2015). Our site due to variety of different classes that we offer, was very complex. However, the professionalism that was demonstrated during the entire process was outstanding. He never lost his patience (even though at times I did!), he never gave up, and he was willing to work very hard as if this was his own family business! I personally have a very high standard when it comes to customer service but Studio98 get an A++++++++++! Once the site was launched they provided great training (which was recorded) so our team can review it whenever we want. Few times, we reached out to them after site launch for some technical help and they were still extremely helpful and accommodating. The site was not up and running more than a week that one of my friends that I referred to them signed a contract with Studio98! If you want a team to care for your business objectives, have a clear process of how they will accomplish your goals, dedicated and knowledgeable, who can also handle the most complex sites such as (ASM’s site), then don’t look any further than Studio98!We will continue our relationship with them for years to come. Currently we are in talks to have them provide SEO services. Good luck with your projects.


I appreciate the way the studio didn’t rush me to make decisions and made sure that I was 100% satisfied before my website was officially released. I would definitely use them again!


I will recommend you guys whole-heartedly, I promise. It’s the details at the end that people remember, and you have stayed connected to make sure things are right when others might disappear.


The web site is doing great – I’ve received a lot of compliments on it.  It’s so easy to update, and we’ve gotten some pretty good business leads simply by having our “contact us” form, something we were lacking before.We’re about to embark on a digital marketing campaign for one of our most recent products, and our site will be heavily leveraged for that.  We’re also looking at ways to add plug-ins to host pricing sheets that our distributors can access via a private log-in.So to say we’ve come a long way, compared to where we were before, is a huge understatement.All the best to you, your family, and your ‘other’ family at Studio 98 – please pass along my regards to them.


The staff at Studio98 exceeded expectations during every phase of our project. From design, to implementation, to ongoing support we could not be happier. The entire staff was knowledgeable, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. Every deadline was met and their proactive approach was refreshing. We love our new website!


Showed the new design to our Team and we all love it!! You guys did a phenomenal job…we’re very happy!!!! Please give everyone over there a big pat on the back for me


Oh my god we love the site! You guys are the best. We love you guys we are gonna tell everyone we know about you. Tell everyone on your team that they are doing a great job 


Every aspect of working with Studio98 exceeded our expectations. From working with the sales team to the design team – all of them were fantastic. By working with Studio98 I was able to re design my website (www.acorn-financial.com) to one that is something to be proud of. If you need a website or you are re designing one call Studio98 – you wont be disappointed.”


I’ve worked with many, many people since founding QUODD over 15 years ago and I definitely have to say that you’re one of the best! Really, really appreciate your attention to detail, hard work and overall superior service! –


The web site has been well-received. Very, very useful. Thanks for your help


Thanks so much for all of your help. Working with you was a great experience and I am so happy with the end product.


I think the site looks amazing!…thank you for doing such a great job. I showed the site to a few employees and the feedback has been excellent.


I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the new site and am personally very excited about it!


Our Project Manager provided s2s a customer-friendly experience. She patiently and effectively managed the multiple rounds of edits/revisions. We are grateful for our new website.


When looking for a new website development company we really wanted a company who could incorporate our brand and vision together for a world class site, Studio 98 was able to do just that. By working with their team we were able to conceptualize and design a brand new site from scratch, without having to compromise our vision and brand standards. We really appreciate all the hard work and effort of everyone at Studio 98.


Studio98 was the perfect partner for what this new business owner was looking for. I wanted to revamp all 8 of our websites to a bright, simple look while tying all of these independently operating entities together. By establishing a master site that interacted with multiple brand sites, mission accomplished. I could not be happier. The team at Studio98 knows what they are doing. They are friendly, thorough and eager to help. Perhaps most importantly, they listened to what I wanted. Which was to control costs (I’m just a small business) while also giving me as much direct control over content as I could handle. And now, when I want to change verbiage on a page, a picture, a case study, add a product, etc., I can do all of that myself. No extra fees. Trust me when I say I am NOT a digital content guru but the Studio98 team taught me how to use WordPress effectively and efficiently. And now I have exactly what I set out for from the beginning. If you are looking for a marketing partner who will listen and deliver,
these guys are it.  I would use them in a heartbeat again in the future and certainly plan to do so.


Wow…the webpages are loading so much faster now. I REALLY like the speed now. Thank you for whatever you guys did to make this a better user experience.


I think the site looks amazing!…thank you for doing such a great job. I showed the site to a few employees and the feedback has been excellent.


When we first engaged Studio 98, I explained that we were on a tight budget and I was relieved and pleased that they were able to accommodate us. Their design team had such patience dealing with my requests and although we chose the basic package, we were treated with prompt and courteous service. I had an image in my mind of what the site should look like and they nailed it.Even as we are now up and running, they are very helpful in guiding us on implementing changes to the site (adding images, updated news, etc) I will highly recommend Studio 98!


I gotta say you guys have been great to work with. I was kinda scared getting into this but I will definitely be recommending you down the road.


Ya’ll are doing beautiful work and the project managing couldn’t be better.


I was impressed with the work you did putting together our Galera website. –


The Studio98 team worked with my company for several months until we had the website we needed. The various players are positive, helpful, and can think creatively. Getting a website done takes a lot of work and it is a pleasure to see your vision take shape and eventually come to life on the web. Thank you Studio98 for your good work!


Studio98 delivers impressive websites. They can process feedback quickly and professionally. Their customer support is very responsive and get things done.


I did look through the site and WOW! I really appreciate the work Studio98 put into this for Cimbar. This will service our needs for years to come


When I began to look at the time and complexity of redesigning our website I realized that we needed a better solution. After reviewing a number of web design studios and advertising agencies we chose what we thought was the perfect fit for our requirements. Studio98 has provided a best in class service with professional advice and unlimited revisions and support for our redesign project. Since launching our new site without any marketing effort our conversions and quality of leads has more than doubled over night due to the amazing facelift that Studio98 has provided.


Studio98 was always quick to solve any issues, offer up brilliant ideas, and make the impossible happen. We came in with a lofty launch date and big dreams for our new website and they exceeded expectations with ease. Even post-launch they have remained available and happy to help. Thank you for making TriggerPoint Media’s wishes a reality! Y’all are the bomb.


My business offices in London, England are over 3,500 miles away from Studio98’s. Even so, after speaking to a number of alternative providers we chose Studio98 to help design and build our new website (www.whiteboardstrategies.co.uk). The whole process was painless, even though we had significant time differences to address when working together. By using some really neat collaboration software and tools we were able to catch up regularly with our Studio98 project manager to review progress and to discuss ideas. I would highly recommend the Studio98 team to anyone looking for an effective and efficient web design agency.


I want to thank the staff of Studio98 for their excellent creative and technical efforts in the production of my new website. From the start Studio98 shared a number of interesting ideas in order to maximize the utility of our site to our users — ideas that I had never considered but were tremendous in their execution. Studio98 was responsive to all of our technical needs and were a pleasure to work with. All in all I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks to all.


I just wanted you to know one more time that your “extra” efforts are recognized and greatly appreciated. I know you want ASM to be a success and will do all you can to meet the “launch” timelines.


Studio98 is quite a talented team that took the time to truly know my product and needs. They promised and delivered the “wow” factor I needed. They are professional artists and technicians with vision!


I must say I was extremely pleased with the quality of the service and the end product for my new website. I have a small Private Investigation/Security Firm in Chicago and now I have a website that displays my company in a more professional manner. I can’t thank the Studio98 people enough for all they did. From the first contact they made to me via email to the launch of the website, it was an enjoyable experience from start to finish.


We used Studio98 to build a new site for our revenue cycle management, business services and property management companies. Studio98 provided a great cost-effective process for building the site from beginning to end. The team offered the creativity and customization needed to reflect our vision through our website. The staff has been very responsive to always accommodate our requests quickly. We whole-heartedly recommend Studio98 as the best team for building a custom site.


We are pleased with the redesign Studio98 did for our company. They listened to our needs, developed an attractive website, and provided support to our team. Glad we went with them!


Good Morning. Hope you had a nice weekend. Want you to know that I’m very happy with the way the site turned out. Hope I haven’t been too much of a pain with the little edits I bug you about.

Actus 3D

Good news! We just had someone submit for a free consultation. It’s potentially a $50K sale so I’m happy with that.


We hired Studio 98 to create a new website for us. We had some ideas in mind but were looking for them, as subject matter experts, to give us some design ideas based on trends, ease of use, etc. We also needed our new website to be easily maintainable since we will be doing virtually all ongoing maintenance ourselves. Studio 98 delivered exactly what we were looking for, and they did it in both a pleasant and professional manner. They were fun to work with, made changes rapidly to keep the project moving, listened to any questions and concerns that we had, incorporated a lot of our requests, and respectfully talked us out of things that weren’t in our best interest. They were a true business partner on this project from the initial meeting. I highly recommend Studio 98 for any website work you need to have done!