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What is Custom Software?

What is Custom Software?

Custom Software is a great way for businesses to get a tailored solution to help them increase productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, visibility into the business and control.
Our Custom Software service is a service we put together to help business owners and businesses get a very tailored web-based software allowing them to manage many areas of their business with a simple and intuitive interface.

The process begins with an in-depth discovery call to assess your needs. We will work out an approach to creating your software, generally including a few milestones of the project.

Over the years we have built a wide range of systems for companies to help manage different aspects of their business. This experience has given us the insight into the types of problems that you might face in getting your software done and how to avoid them. This results in a much smoother process with an experienced team to back you up, reducing waste time and finance.

What is Possible with Custom Software?

To simply answer this, almost anything.

One of the big things we help people work out when doing the discovery call is what things SHOULD be done and what things don’t really need to be done. This is important because pretty much anything can be built, but it does increase the scope of the project and does require more work to maintain.

We work to provide a balance for you between a system that has what you need and is still simple and is efficient for you to use.

Examples of Custom Software Applications


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