3 Reasons Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website

why you need a mobile friendly website
Smartphones have become an integral part of life for most Americans. We use them every day to communicate with friends and family, check the weather, make online purchases, book appointments, and much more.

Smartphones have become so intrinsically tied to daily life that many people use their smartphones like they’re using a standard computer. As such, they expect the websites they visit on their mobile device to work as efficiently as they do on those larger screens. This is just one of the multiple incentives regarding why you need a mobile friendly website.

Discover more important reasons why you need a mobile friendly website and you can start bettering your business today.

    1. Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites

It’s essential to cater your website to the preferences of search engines, and Google is the most authoritative engine of them all. The Google algorithm change in 2015 started to prioritize websites in the search results page that are mobile friendly over those that are not. Be sure to use SEO web design services to optimize your website so that you appear at the top of the results page for both mobile and non-mobile users.

    1. Improved user experience

In this modern age, people are accustomed to easy-to-use and fast-loading webpages. As this is the new norm, users will show no hesitation in leaving your website for one that works better or loads faster. In fact, your website has just three to eight seconds to catch a customer’s attention before they abandon it for another. A custom web design that is built for mobile devices will give you the fast loading time that you need so that you’re more likely to capture the interest of users.

    1. Gives you an advantage over the competition

Depending on your business, your competitors may or may not already have websites optimized for mobile devices. In a recent survey, about 68 out of 200 retailers didn’t have a mobile ready website. Each one of those retailers is at a disadvantage compared to their competitors because they likely aren’t getting the business of mobile users. Check out your competitors’ websites to gauge where they are with mobile optimization and then contact a custom website design company to put your site ahead of the pack.

There are billions of mobile users across the world that you could be reaching about your product or service, find out how to optimize your site, Contact Studio98 today.