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8 Ways a Mobile Friendly Website Can Get You More Business

Do you believe that first impressions matter? To this day, a mobile-friendly website is one of the most accessible ways to present your business to potential customers. The Internet is changing at an alarming rate. Users can now access the Internet in many ways that no one could have ever imagined a decade ago. Roughly 4 out of 5 people use either a smart phone, a PC, or a tablet to browse the web. What’s more, mobile usage is predicted to increase rapidly by 2019 with new types of devices, like smart watches, becoming available. This article will disclose to you eight ways a mobile-friendly website can get you more business.

1. Most People Prefer Using Mobile Devices

As we speak, about two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone. Approximately 87 percent of millennials have their smartphone close to them day and night. Many people have now been using tablets and smartphones for years. Still, young students and seniors are just beginning to learn how useful mobile devices can be. A mobile-friendly website will attract the increasing number of mobile gadget users who will be accessing your website via their tablets, smartphones, and laptops. As a result, it will increase business for services like transportation, shops, personal services, deliveries, and much more.

2. Increased Loading Speeds

Time is limited. A majority of mobile users are using their phones frequently but for brief intervals. Mobile-friendly websites load faster, allowing mobile users to accomplish their objectives within the limited time available to them. Studies have already revealed that a user will likely abandon a web page if he or she has to wait for more than 6 to 12 seconds before the page loads. Other research shows that approximately 40 percent of mobile users will leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, a mobile-friendly website will ensure that you do not lose any potential customers who visit your website.

3. Higher Google Ranking

To get more business, your website must be formatted according to popular search engine guidelines and regulations. On April 21 2015, Google announced a new algorithm that favors mobile-friendly websites. If your website is mobile friendly, it will undoubtedly rank well with Google.

4. Improved Backlinks

Apart from making your website rank better in search engines, a mobile-friendly website leads to a strong backlink setup. All of your backlinks will redirect a mobile user to your website instead of being split between a mobile and a desktop website. The end result is increased business leads.

5. Mobile Users Buy More

According to research, mobile users purchase more than primary desktop users. This is because mobile devices give users the power to become informed customers. Most people use their mobile devices to compare brands and read user reviews, eliminating second-hand guessing on every purchase. In addition, mobile users use their smartphones to find coupons, research sales, and look for clearance items. In fact, studies show that 93 percent of people who research a product using a mobile device will eventually buy. The more mobile friendly your website is, the more sales you are likely to make.

6. It Gives Your Business a Competitive Advantage

One out of every three businesses surveyed did not have a mobile website. Having a mobile-friendly website will definitely give your business a boost over its competitors. Start by visiting the websites of your competitors to get an idea of where your business falls and how you can improve in order to outperform them.

7. It Increases the Average Time Spent on Your Website

A mobile-friendly website grabs the attention of your online visitors from their first visit. If a visitor finds it effortless to navigate your website while on the go, you are more likely to convert that visitor into a customer. In fact, 74 percent of people confess that they are more likely to return to a mobile-friendly website in the future.

8. Increased Social Media Shares

One of the outstanding benefits of a mobile-friendly website is the ease to share interesting posts, pictures, and articles with friends. The more social media shares your website gets, the faster the growth of your business’s network and net worth.

A mobile-friendly website will make your business stand out from the crowd. Even though a mobile-friendly website might involve more upfront expenses, it has lower maintenance costs. Also, there is absolutely no need to duplicate and reformat content with a mobile-friendly website. Do you want to increase your sales and acquire more customers for your business? A mobile-friendly website is all you need.