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Are You Taking Your Company Seriously?

I talk with people every day about their websites.

They ask, “Our website is so-so, what do you think of it?”

To be honest, they KNOW their website does not accurately reflect their business. Many times the thought that comes through my head is, “If they’re not taking their business seriously, including how they present themselves, how can they expect their client or prospect to?”

“Well I don’t get a lot of business from my website.”

We understand that. Would you reach out to a company that has a website that looks like it hasn’t been updated in years?! They don’t have a phone number, or they are blatantly turning clients away with their lack of professionalism and commitment to showing what their unique approach and brand is.

I’ve said it before and I feel the necessity to say it again. Your website is your 24/7, 365 days a year salesman!

When people are concerned about spending money on their website, I feel I must adamantly bring up two points a) Even if they aren’t doing amazingly well, people will say still say they can’t afford marketing (which is what companies with great products and services that are going under should use their last dollars on) and b) They could have done better with how they are pitching themselves.

No matter how big your company is, with your eyesore website, you could have been bigger. You have no idea how many people saw your website and turned away.

I’d personally rather not be in mystery about that and have all of my bases covered.

I truly care about my clients and I see the neglect of their websites every day, more over, the people I talk to that don’t think their website is hurting them. Phew. Marketing says you’re serious. I will personally pay more for a service which is well marketed with a good website and clean offices, than its cheaper alternative. Those additional customers will pay for your effort many times over.

So I say to everyone reading this, “Make sure you have a very strong website if you’re really serious about your company. You have to look at the ROI and you have to be willing to sleep at night knowing that you might have lost out on big opportunities today if you decide to disregard this point.”

Don’t go with an “Ok” solution, don’t be neglectful and take your company seriously! You will be rewarded.

Natalie Nagengast
Sales Director