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Artificially Organic–Is Your SEO Certified?

The buzz on the street these days is buying organic and why not right? The health and environmental benefits of organic foods are too many to mention. While these attributes work well for your daily produce picks, they often get neglected when it comes to business. Now, you may be wondering, how can I possibly incorporate organic into my business and the answer lies in your marketing and more specifically in your internet marketing.

The great thing about buying an organic apple is that it has been certified organic by the USDA. This means there is a certification process in place that is largely based on the production process for the food or materials. Unfortunately for internet marketing, when it comes to getting organic search engine results, there isn’t a governing body monitoring your efforts or the final product; unless of course you consider Google a governing body? So, how can you be sure that your SEO company is delivering real organic search results or if your results are artificially organic?

Organic search engine marketing goes back to the age-old terms of white hat SEO and black hat SEO. As a business operator looking to market online in a campaign of the highest quality, you want to avoid black hat SEO. It is the black hat practices that deliver the artificial organic search results. These are indeed fly by night results that yes, you are at the top for a few days after your SEO company has worked their black magic, but the results weren’t the real deal and not only do you quickly fall off the top search result positions, but you are likely to get Google-slapped and sent to the back of the line as well.

To stay true to being organic in your search engine marketing you need to remember that all things organic take extra time and extra work, but the results have better longevity and stronger presence. Although every online marketing company may know the words ‘Content is King’, only truly good, quality content reigns for the long term. That quality content then attracts natural links, avoiding the whole unnatural link farming approach to getting search results. Organic search results are about creating a valuable resource on the web. This resource is your website and it grows, adapts and changes to continually be a better source of information for visitors.

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