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Does My Site Need to Be Redone?

This is a question we hear a lot and it needs to be answered before you start buying websites or paying some company by the hour to “optimize” your site.

We’re experts on website design and people often come to us to find out if their website needs to be redone, or whether or not it is doing what it’s supposed to. The answer to this question is: “It depends”.

Depends on what?

Well, the first thing to understand is that a website is one piece of a complete marketing and sales campaign. It is not something separate to your marketing plan, nor is it a complete marketing strategy to just have a website with no further action.

We’re really talking about marketing, not just websites. The bare minimum key points you need to know before starting any marketing campaign are pretty simple:

What age group, profession, gender, ethnicity, etc. Do they generally already know what your product is and what it does? Do they go online to find you, do they trust referrals, etc. Find out who the target market is for your service or product and as much data about them and their behavior as possible.

Word of mouth? Google Searches? Trade Shows? If you have a lack of business right now, this may be a good area to take a look at and figure out how people are finding your business, and see how this can be improved.

Not what features, bells and whistles or cool gadgets. What problem do my clients have that my service or product handles?

Is your price better, quality of service or product? Do you have some expertise that makes you stand out? There’s got to be a reason they choose you when they compare you against others in your field. You should know what that is.

Once you have these questions answered, you can start to put together an overall marketing strategy. Are you going to concentrate on word of mouth? Advertising? Ensuring you show up first on search results? Do you need a campaign that is heavily visual? Educational? Both?

Once you have your overall strategy laid out, you can easily see what your website should be doing to push it forward. It can be a visual representation of your work. It can highlight your credentials as a company so when people hear about you, they check out your site to see if you are the real deal. You can use it however you want to push forward your overall strategy and fit into whatever campaign you are running, whether it be email, social media, print ads, web ads or anything else.

You should be able to easily look at your site and see, “Is this website helping me accomplish my overall marketing strategy?”, “Could it help push forward my marketing strategy even more than it does right now?”

When you have that answered, you will know the answer to the question “Does my site need to be redone?”

Luckily you also now know a great custom web design company that understands these points and can help you make it happen!