Here’s Why Hiring A Website Designer Is Better Than A Website Builder

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You know you need a website. In fact, the importance of one is the difference between rising and declining sales. Having a site with an online shop can provide sales 24/7.

The only thing is, you don’t know what route to take. You’ve seen reviews and commercials of website builders, thinking it’ll be easy to create one yourself.

But do you really have the time for that? To build a great website takes time. Time you can’t afford to give up as a business owner.

To save time and receive a beautifully designed site lies in hiring a website designer. These creative masterminds understand how to make websites visually appealing and engaging so you can gain more leads.

Still not convinced? Keep reading to learn why you should forgo website builders!

Responsive Design

In the digital age we’re living in now, it’s hard to find someone without a smartphone or a tablet. That said, a website designer knows exactly how to create a responsive website.

This kind of design makes your website accessible on any screen, big or small. It compacts all features and aspects so users don’t notice a difference.

Faster Site

Imagine you used a website builder. Everything is running smoothly until one day you notice your site isn’t loading as fast as it used to.

What’s the issue?

You spend hours trying to solve it on your own. You called the provider and spent another couple of hours communicating between multiple customer service and technical support agents.

Now, imagine you hired a website designer. They gave you a gorgeous website and years later, it’s never slowed down once.

That’s because they know what makes a website fast. They’ll set you up with the tools for success that’ll last you for the long run.

Saves Time

As a business owner, you have plenty of other things to worry about. After all, your business can’t run itself while you step away to make a website!

Instead of spending days of learning how to use a website builder, hiring a designer takes away all that pressure. They take care of designing and developing so you don’t have to do anything.

You just tell them what you’re looking for and they work their magic.

Website Designers Take Care of SEO

Let’s be real here—who has the time to educate themselves about on-page SEO? It’s something that just can’t be mastered overnight.

Instead of trying to learn this frustrating and complex technique, a web designer takes care of it for you. They’ll make sure your site is relevant and current with search engines’ algorithms. Before you know it, you’ll be high ranking on Google in no time!

Get Your Custom Website Today

Why spend your time with a website builder when you can hire a website designer? They’ll save you time and money down the long run, giving you a gorgeous website that’s optimized fully.

Ready to get your custom website today? Get a free quote today!