How a Newly Updated Site can Boost Your PPC Sales

pay per click management
Utilizing a PPC, or pay per click, ad campaign is a great way to gain the attention of new leads. When used correctly, your PPC campaign will inevitably turn your leads into sales and sales into profits. But if your leads are inspired by your ad only to find an ugly website waiting for them, you’re not going to get these essential sales.

A great ad can only take your customers part of the way before your website and skills have to speak for themselves. Here is how a newly updated site can help drive PPC into more sales.

Pay per click management: How does it help me?

PPC marketing is one of the best ways online businesses gain the attention of internet users. Pay per click management teams typically targets Google Ads or Amazon PPC campaigns through the use of bids on specific keywords relating to your industry. Maximizing your ad spending and adjusting bids are just some ways to manage a successful PPC campaign.

Finding the sweet spot between bid adjustment and the correct keywords can be a difficult task for many small business owners. That’s when a great professional SEO firm with experience in SEO and PPC management can help.

Why a custom web design is a necessity

Your pay per click management team will do a great job bringing in more traffic to your website. But if your online business isn’t optimized or updated for a modern audience, your sales will stop right there.

For example, more than 51% of an online business’ traffic will come from a smartphone. Should a lead click on your ad only to be met with a website not optimized for mobile traffic, they’re more likely to leave your site. Updating your website to account for the new modes of browsing is just one way a custom site design can improve your conversion rates through PPC advertising.

It’s also essential that the keywords that are being bid on in your PPC campaign are relevant to your website. You need to update your copy to streamline your SEO strategy by using relevant keywords and phrases. This will ascertain that your website is visible to specific sales paths, appealing to certain audiences along the sales funnel.

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